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Hey everyone, I’m kicking my game of Blog Tag off with the Unpopular Opinions Makeup tag that has been sitting in my drafts for way longer than I care to admit! If you missed the details about Blog Tag then you can catch them here, but to give you a brief idea it’s basically my fun way of catching up with tags like this one. I’m asking you guys to help me choose which tags I complete and even suggest ones for me! You vote for the next one by popping over to twitter and checking out the current poll.

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about on the blog and I’ll be changing that very soon 😉 However, as you wait to see what that sneaky wink is all about it’s time for me to tell you all my dirty little secrets. Well, my makeup ones anyway.

This tag was originally created by Ola Quinn.

Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag - Dr PawPaw Original Balm

1. Popular makeup product you don’t like

This is more a product than a makeup product, however, I’ve seen so many people use it in their makeup routines that I think it counts. Dr PAWPAW Original Balm; I’d heard such amazing things about it and was thrilled when I got it as a prize pack. Then I tried it and was flabbergasted. It’s just like Vaseline! I’ve no idea how people find this to be moisturising.

I don’t hate the brand, just don’t see the fascination with that particular product. For example, I absolutely love Dr PAWPAW’s 7 In 1 It Does It all Hair Treatment Styler!

2. Popular makeup product/brand that everyone else seems to hate but you love

I’m on a tight budget so most of my collection is drugstore makeup. I’m aware that there are some really shoddy products on the market, however, there are also some great ones. I’m a massive fan of Revolution Beauty who make affordable, cruelty-free products and gorgeous fully pigmented eyeshadow palettes.

Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

3. Makeup collab you didn’t like or were not interested in

In general I’m not interested in makeup collabs. I don’t care if a product is part of a collab between a brand and an influencer or a celebrity, I care more about the actual product itself. What it is, does it work, the colour/hue, and the price tag. In general that is an unpopular opinion in itself because having the latest products from this or that makeup collab is a big deal. It just makes me feel like I’m back in high school to be honest.

Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag - Garnier BB Cream Original Light Tinted Moisturiser

4. Popular makeup step that you never do

I don’t use foundation. I’ve been trying to find one that works for me, and until I watched a makeup the other day I thought I was just doing it wrong. However, he actually said he preferred using BB creams too! My skin just doesn’t seem to like foundations. It might be due to the amount of scarring from years of dermatillomania, or I’ve just not found one that’s lightweight enough for my skin yet. Either way, my go-to is Garnier BB Cream Original Light Tinted Moisturiser which leaves my skin feeling so moisturised afterwards and does the job of a foundation.

Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag

5. Popular influencer you don’t subscribe to/watch

None. I generally don’t watch youtube much at all due to my health conditions, and I very rarely find that don’t look like Kardashian wannabes. I watched one the other day to help advert proceeds go to Black Lives Matter and she did the most wonderful eye and face makeup. Then came the lips, and she ended up looking dreadful. I just feel like so many influencers aim to copy celebrities and do not create any looks that are actually down to earth.

I do follow a few people on Instagram; makeupforglasses and mickeys_makeup_looks for makeup, and kellimarissa for nails.

6. Popular makeup product/brand that you don’t use/support anymore

I don’t think my collection is up to date enough to really compare that much. However, I’m really not a fan of Kat Von D for moral reasons. Even though she now claims not to be an anti-vaxxer and was just ‘uninformed’ she did know that she had a platform and a voice. You can’t afford to make mistakes like that when you have 7.3m followers hanging on your every word. It also feels like one hell of a back-pedal compared to her attitude at the time and smacks of publicity rather than a genuine mistake.

Either way, other than the two Kat Von D products I own (two samples via the Debenhams Club), I won’t be adding any Kat Von D products to my makeup collection.

Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag - Glitter Makeup Trend

7. Makeup trend that you have no interest in trying

Despite being someone who doesn’t keep up with trends I tend to see a lot of them on Instagram and Pinterest so I have a general idea of what is going around. I decided to look up what’s going on right now and found this list and also one for Fall/Winter 2020/2021.

Generally speaking, I like a lot of the current ones, and the upcoming ones are gorgeous (apparently bushy are in, hello!). What I have zero interest in is sticking a crapload of glitter anywhere on my eyes and face. Nope, sorry, never going to happen. Glitter gets EVERYWHERE. It might seem like a good idea, it may look great on models, but in reality? No. Glittery, shimmery makeup is one thing, and actual glitter is another. Same goes for the applique/bedazzled eye makeup trend. It’s something for festivals, cosplay and Halloween, otherwise, it’s not practical.

Not a massive fan of the animal print eyeshadow trend either. It looks really tacky, and I’m not an animal print fan in general.

Everything else involving colour, styles and so on, I’m all for. Makeup is about expressing yourself and so many of the trends this year are really artistic.

Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag - Collection Incredibrow Eyebrow Kit

8. Makeup product that was better in theory than when you used it. Either swatched better or worked better on others than on you

Collection Incredibrow Eyebrow Kit in Brunette. My are very dark, thick and bushy, and I decided to try taming them. In theory, this kit was supposed to let me do that. Instead, the powder was just too dark and ended up making me look like I’d gotten a paintbrush and painted two black stripes on my face. Kits like this work great for people who have thinner and lighter eyebrows, but when you’ve already got substantial ones they are really bad.

I’ve yet to find a tutorial or video from an influencer with brows like mine. I think that’s because when the trend of thicker brows came along so many people had been plucking their brows to death for so long they now don’t have anything to work with. Or their brows just are not anywhere near as thick as mine (my hair, in general, is much thicker than most peoples).

Over to you

Thanks for reading my answers for the Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag! As you might have noticed most of my makeup opinions don’t tend to go with what’s popular and I’m ok with that. It took me a while to get past the idea of my makeup not meeting a high and often unreachable standard. I’m happy with what I’m able to do, I’ve found my confidence again and I’m looking forward to doing some more posts on the blog!

What’s your unpopular makeup opinion?

I’m tagging Megan, Mariah, Chrissie and anyone else who wants to take part!

Unpopular Opinions Makeup Tag: The Blog Tag game begins with one that has been living in my drafts folder. Time to learn my dirty little makeup secrets with the Unpopular Opinions makeup tag!

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