Introducting the Unique Bloggers Group!

For the last few months I’ve been working on a unique side project alongside this and finally I can reveal to you all exactly what that project is!

The Unique Group

Unique Bloggers is a promotion and support group on for the smaller blog niches out there. By small niches we’re talking about blogs that often get overlooked in most blog groups and a few examples are; blogs, craft blogs, alternative blogs, or a mixture of all of those. Perhaps your blog fits in several different niches, or is even niche-less. If this sounds like your blog then this is the group for you! We’re here to help you grow, network, gain readers and followers for your blog and social media accounts, and pretty much anything else you need. We hope you’ll also pick up some great friends along the way too!


The idea for this came from me posting another geeky post in a blog promotion group and failing to get any engagement on it. I then watched someone with an alternative post have the same issue. I realised that it wasn’t just geek that had the problem. I’m in two great blog groups, however, the network of bloggers is small and only one offers promotion topics. What if there was a group that united all the small niches and offered them a place to network and grow together?

I still wasn’t sure. I’m the sort of person that has these random ideas and they splutter out, becoming nothing. So I decided to pitch it to one of the groups and wowzers! I was not expecting the response I got! It took me a few more months with health and holidays to get everything today and a few more hurdles to clear before today we were finally ready to open.

It’s a big deal for me because in the three years since I developed symptoms and then was diagnosed with ME I’ve pulled away from the online world. I’ve lurked in a few groups, but I closed a lot of websites and projects as I couldn’t maintain them and it really put a damper on my confidence. This is a huge undertaking for me personally and maybe it will flop – but at least I know I went for it.


Some more information

It was important to me that the group didn’t become overwhelmed with the type of blogs that were causing the problem in the first place. For this reason the does not accept the promotion of blogs that fit into the bigger niches (i.e. parenting, travel, beauty, food, lifestyle, and so on). Don’t worry if your blog does touch upon some of those topics, we’re not going to crack the whip and toss anyone out for even mentioning them – life comes in all flavours and we recognise this. But if your blog is purely dedicated to those niches then this isn’t the group for you.


The weekly promotion schedule is as follows:

Mondays – Blog Post
Tuesdays –
Wednesdays – Twitter
Thursdays – Blog Post
Fridays – Instagram
Saturdays – Pinterest
Sundays – Other Requests


And finally we have a pinterest board for members to share their blog posts to!


Interested in joining?

Just head on over to the group! I look forward to getting to know you and hearing more about your blog 🙂

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