The Pawfection Pack: Cat Subscription Box Review

I was very fortunate to be sent the January Pawfection Pack by Annie, and I owe her a massive apology for only now getting to the review this pet subscription . The last few months have been absolutely crazy, however, it does mean that my two VIP reviewers have had plenty of time to deliver me their results. My two cats, Milo and George, have been enjoying the contents of the box and are happy to share their findings with you!

About The Pawfection Pack

The brainchild of Annie of The Next Avenger, The Pawfection Pack is a pop culture themed pet subscription box service for cats and dogs. It combines Annie’s love for all things geeky and animals. She has two dogs of her own, Stark and Parker, and she explains that she’s always loved the look on their faces when she surprised them with a new toy or a packet or treats. The desire to spread that feeling and deliver a smile worthy box of goodies led to the idea of The Pawfection Pack.

A true believer in the power of small businesses and supporting them, Annie’s love for finding quirky items that you can’t find on the high street has led to some great business partnerships which bring you unique quality items in every box. You can find out more about these here.

Boxes Available

I was sent a cat box for one cat which contains 4-6 items, and there are multiple other options available:

What I particularly like is that Annie takes into consideration homes that have a variety of animals, such as a cat and a dog or a combination of two dogs and a cat. It’s really unusual to find a subscription service for pets that actually realises that people don’t just have one pet!

January’s Box

The theme for January’s box was ‘Renew’ and was designed to help customers get over Christmas and deal with January. Other themes since then have included the Oscars, Dumbo, and Superheroes and this month’s theme is the Lion King! Go pick up your box now!

The Pawfection Pack Review

The box arrived beautifully wrapped in brown paper with the Pawfection Pack logo stamp on the front, and inside was a carefully packaged bundle of goodies in lovely turquoise tissue paper. The welcoming information came with an introduction to the box, the month’s chosen theme and why each individual item had been specifically chosen. I really liked the detailed explanations of each information and how they tied into the theme.

Inside the Box

The Pawfection Pack Review

When I first opened the box I was surprised at the bright colours and variety of the items. Each item looked interesting and useful, and I couldn’t wait to see how the boys reacted to them! Read on to find out about each individual product.

The Pawfection Pack Review

Chicken and Duck slices from The Innocent Pet Company was the largest item in the box, and was a great choice as our boys love treats of this type. A word to warning though; they are not human friendly. They have a very pungent smell! On the first test the boys gobbled these up, however, the next time they weren’t as excited and hardly touched them. I’m not sure if that was to do with the freshness or something else. Milo and George are not fussy cats so it’s unusual for them to turn down anything. I’m noting this as an observation rather than marking it against the product itself.

The Pawfection Pack Review

Salmon Sprinkle from Green & Wilds looks absolutely scrummy even to human eyes, and I knew straight away that our boys would love it. You can see the individual bits of fish, and all the natural goodness it contains. As expected Milo and George gobble this up when it is sprinkled on their wet food. The only down side to this product that I forgot to add it to their meals a lot. It is something you need to get used to adding into your feeding routine.

The Pawfection Pack Review

Bertie the Budgie from Beco Family is most definitely my favourite item from the box and I will be checking out Beco Family for toys again in the future. George claimed this before Milo could get a look in, and as Milo is teritorial he doesn’t like to share toys with George, however, he has shown a lot of interest in it – until he smells George’s scent on it. Mr Budgie has been very well loved by George who has flung the poor bird around every corner of the living room by now. He loves this little bird to pieces.

The Pawfection Pack Review

This collar from Salt Dog Studios is absolutely gorgeous, and such a vibrant colour of purple! It was really easier to adjust and had my preferred type of clasp; a safety clasp yet sturdy enough that the cats can’t remove it themselves. It was perfect for George who is an indoor cat, however, for Milo who has brief outdoor adventures we use flea collars.

The purple looks lovely on George, however, I did make the mistake of putting the collar on the most skittish and lively cat ever. /facepalm So I apologise for the lack of ; these were the best I could get and that took some doing! Milo sat calmly watching me struggle, ever the perfect model, as if to say ‘why didn’t you just pick me instead?’. Cats.


Due to this review ending up being delayed it means that I’m able to give you a really good idea of how long these items lasted, especially in regards to the condition of the toy and collar. As mentioned The Pawfection Packs are filled with goodies from independent small businesses and it definitely shows in the quality of the products.  The collar looks brand new still which was a big surprise considering how rough and tumble our two boys can get! When they’re play fighting there is a lot of scrambling about, claws and teeth flying; not to mention how often cats scratch at their necks in general. In our experience collars take a lot of wear and tear, and this one from Salt Dog Studios really stood up to the test!

The Budgie Toy from Beco Pets is definitely looking the worst for wear, and that really doesn’t come as a surprise because George loves it to bits! It has become his favourite toy and gets played with pretty much every day – and he doesn’t go easy on poor Mr. Budgie! Despite the rigours play session the toy is showing wear and tear, yet no real damage. I’d have expected other toys to be coming apart at the seams by now. This one is holding on strong and because it’s made of recycled plastics it’s not going to be leaking out any harmful stuffing that can get caught in George’s throat (he eats everything) if he does manage to tear it open.

Other than the boys lack of interest in the treats from The Innocent Pet company the second time around that’s a solid thumbs up to 3 out of 4 items in the box. That’s a fantastic win for a subscription box for cats, especially when you have two boys with such different personalities. This was a ‘blind’ review, so to speak, in that I didn’t provide Annie any additional details about my boys. However, when you subscribe to The Pawfection Pack there is a survey provided to help tailor the boxes to your pet/s and if you feel the survey missed something you are encouraged to contact them to tell them more!

Still not convinced?

I’ll let this video of George’s reaction to receiving the box do the talking for me 😉

The Pawfection Pack Review
Pin This! Read my review and learn more about The Pawfection Box, a fantastic UK based pet subscription box that brings pop culture themed items to your door each month!

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