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In each fandom there’s always those that you fall in love with, relationships that you end up shipping and that annoying guy that you really just can’t stand. A lot of the time you’ll be able to pick these out fairly quick, usually within the first few episodes and you quite possibly have a type. Me, I love strong female leads, quirky passionate relationships and I cannot stand whinny girlie-girl characters.

Then there’s the ones that you didn’t seem coming; the one’s you never guessed in a million years you’d ever fall in love with. Maybe they just weren’t your thing, maybe you thought the idea sounded rubbish or they took a while to grow on you. That’s what this tag is dedicated to; the unexpected loves in fandoms, the surprise that you never saw coming, and the pleasant surprises when that awful character actually turned out to be really awesome. I was catching up with a TV show and a pairing that I  never dreamed to be even remotely decent turned out to be absolutely brilliant – and thus the idea for this Tag was born.

It’s also for the reverse; all those times when you expected to fall in love with someone/something and ended up hating it.

The Rules

The tag rules are:

  1. Link back to the original post and creator, Heather of Just Geeking By.
  2. Include a copy of these rules and an additional copy of the questions for copy and pasting.
  3. Answer the tag in whichever format, and style you wish; want to limit it to one fandom or just games? Go for it!
  4. But you must answer all the questions and cannot edit any of them.
  5. Be spoiler aware – if you’re talking about a new release use spoiler warnings/tags.

The Prompts

Here are the prompts! For the prompts that say surprise this can refer to a or a negative surprise.

  1. A fandom that you expected to like.
  2. A fandom that surprised you.
  3. A storyline that surprised you.
  4. A hero or villain that you didn’t expect to like.
  5. A minor character that you didn’t expect to like.
  6. A hero or villain that you thought you’d like but ended up disliking.
  7. A minor character that you thought you’d like but ended up disliking.
  8. A friendship that surprised you.
  9. A that surprised you.
  10. An adaptation/expansion that surprised you.

You can use this snazzy graphic to post the questions on or on your blogs. Please remember to right click and save to your own computer as direct-linking of images on this domain is disabled.

The Unexpected Tag - a tag about the unexpected loves and hates, the things you never saw coming in fandom.

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