Summertime Begins

Well, not if you go by the weather, which in Scotland changes every five minutes. But my exams are now finished and so, for now, summertime begins officially for me. It means that the great big mental to-do list has now been put down on paper with everything I can remember at the moment. I’m sure I’ll find more stuff to add to it as time goes on. For now, though it keeps me busy and stops me worrying about exam results and finding out about my creative application.

I’ve already been busy and completed one of my tasks. I’ve imported everything from Livejournal to dreamwidth which was remarkably easy and I can see now why people love dreamwidth, it has so many awesome features. I’ve also got my blog importing to dreamwidth, insane journal and Tumblr. All profile info and stuff have been updated at all three journal sites. The list below is mainly online stuff, computer-related and/or creative activities. I have a bunch of stuff to do around the house and loads of out the house activities planned for summer. We’re off to Majorca in May and Devon in July. But no one needs to read a list of my household chores 😛

I also intend to catch up on some much-needed reading and will probably blog more about this another time. Ditto for stuff in World of Warcraft.

  • Take of collections
  • Switch coding to php includes
  • Join cliques/fanlistings


  • Finish exit page
  • Create link back buttons
  • Join listings

Distant Fantasies

  • Complete the 3 RPG Reviews
  • Restructure forum and add new sub-forums
  • Write up new staff recruitment
  • Recruit new staff
  • Work on premade headers and skins
  • Post up play by icons
  • Finish updating gallery
  • Work on 10 year anniversary
  • Find fix for hostee problem
  • Testimonials

Deviant Art

  • Finish adding Budapest
  • Add icons
  • Add Kew Gardens
  • Journal entry
  • Feature artwork

Screenshot & Scans Gallery

  • Create & upload images
Bookworm Clique

  • Find affiliates, join listings

Fighting Everyday Clique

  • Find old members list
  • Create website layout
  • Create content
  • Create link back buttons
  • Code website
  • Open – find affiliates, join listings

New Project – Shout Out

  • Create website layout
  • Code layout
  • Work out how to use the tint software
  • Create social network accounts
  • Affiliates & join listings
  • Link back buttons
  • Open website


  • Create new textures
  • Create post templates for RPG characters
  • Create an outfit on polyvore for Kaye for OB event
  • Update stuff on OB RPG (lists, thread tracker etc)
  • Sync dreamjournal/insanejournal/tumblr to livejournal
  • Organise year 2 uni files (on PC & netbook and paper files in desk)
  • Work on family tree
  • Add myself to sites such as wattpad and update freelance websites
  • Work on novel
  • Practise art
  • Practise sewing
  • Practise pixel art
  • Scan old family


Image Credits: Photo is from Unsplash.


  1. I haven’t used Dreamwidth, but use Insanejournal daily. I never thought about using DW. Is it worth the switch?

  2. I haven’t used Dreamwidth, but use Insanejournal daily. I never thought about using DW. Is it worth the switch?

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