Star Wars Day Challenge: Day 24 - Ships
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Hello and welcome to day twenty-four of my Star Wars challenge! For the 31 days, I’ll be posting once a day with a Star Wars themed post. Some days I’ll be talking about just one thing, other days it’ll be about 5 things based on the prompt of the day.

The challenge is open to everyone and can be completed at any time. I thought that May, being home to May the 4th, sounded like the perfect time. If you’d like to join me this month then please do! You can find all the details over here.

DAY 24 – Ships

One of the staples of the Star Wars franchise is its starships. From the  Millennium Falcon to the terrifying Star Destroyers, Star Wars starships are some of the most iconic in Science Fiction. Today I’m purposely stepping away from Disney’s canon and taking you on a tour of some of the ships from Star Wars Legends.

Without further ado here are 5 Iconic Ships from Star Wars Legends!

Star Wars Challenge: Ships - Jade Shadow

Jade Shadow

By the time we’re through with her, the Jade Shadow will put the Falcon to shame.

Replacing Mara Jade’s previous ship, the Jade Sabre, the Jade Shadow was was a heavily modified SoroSuub Horizon-class Star Yacht gifted to Mara by Lando Calrissian. The Jade Shadow was unique due to its multiple custom upgrades. The first of which, AG-1G laser cannons and concealed Dymek HM-8 concussion missile launchers, were courtesy of Lando and Talon Karrade. Mara and Luke added an autopilot system with a variety of evasive manoeuvrers. built-in and Han Solo added an advanced long-range sensor suite, complete with port and starboard visual scanners, jamming devices, sensor decoys and false transponder codes which hid the ship’s identity. Over the years he also worked to improve the Jade Shadow‘s speed until it was on par with that of the Falcon.

Mara herself added an expensive holographic communications array for sending and receiving transmissions over long distances, a must for a Jedi Master. Like her previous ships the Shadow was able to be called remote called over short distances. On top of all that many of its systems were voice-activated, including the weapons system which had a very useful ‘shoot back’ setting.

Overall the Jade Shadow was one hell of a ship, equipped to get Mara and her family out of trouble and considering who they were, trouble was something that always found them.

Star Wars Challenge: Ships - Lady Luck

Lady Luck

Her name says all you need to know. The Lady Luck‘s fickle, but when she’s smiling down on you, you’re bound to win. She hasn’t given up on me yet.

Naturally, Lando spared no expense when it came to his own ship and the Lady Luck was an impressive vessel. Originally planned to be an advanced luxury liner, Lando’s involvement with the New Republic required him to have a ship that punched a bit more of a punch. On the outside, it looked like an ordinary pleasure yacht while under the hood she sported retractable laser and ion cannons, and a powerful deflector shield. While her engines weren’t up to the same speeds as the Falcon or Jade Shadow, she left most other ships in the dust.

However, it was her secondary systems that made the Lady Luck truly spectacular. The ship contained a droid brain which could fully control the ship and direct it towards a homing beacon that Lando kept on his person. It also had a sophisticated sensor system that detected, identified, and scanned approaching vessels from a large range. Additionally, it allowed the Lady Lucky to change its own identity, cycling through three fully programmed fake identifies that includes aliases, cargo manifests and specifications.

Of course, being a man of luxury the Lady Luck didn’t just look like a pleasure yacht. It was a fully equipped one, complete with multiple cabins which Lando had spared no expense to decorate. Everything about the Lady Luck is the perfect con, all wrapped up in a starship.

Star Wars Challenge: Ships - Errant Venture

Errant Venture

Sometimes I think of that ship as one massive red warning light.

What’s better than a smuggler stealing an Imperial star destroyer and using it against the Empire? Painting it BRIGHT RED. That’s exactly what the smuggler did with the Errant Venture, formerly the Virulence. Not only did the Errant Venture take part in many missions over the year, and save many lives, it also became a mobile shadowport, a spaceport frequented by smugglers and other criminals.

Oh, and this is the guy who ended up being Corran Horn‘s father-in-law, by the way, 😀

Star Wars Challenge: Ships - Shadow Chaser

Shadow Chaser

But we brought the Shadow Academy’s best ship back with us. And you should see the design. State-of-the-art. Not like any of the models in the manuals, Dad!

The Shadow Chaser was a unique prototype shuttle used by the Shadow Academy, a hidden training centre for dark Jedi run by the Second Imperium. What made the Shadow Chaser so unique was the near-indestructible hull which was sheathed in quantum-crystalline armour and compact design. Despite its slim design it could hold a dozen people, with room for seating, escape pods, sleeping bunks and a galley. Along with its unique hull, the shuttle was designed to protect itself and was equipped with retractable turrets and deflector shields.

Altogether it was a design that no one had ever seen before and the Solo twins and their friends liberated it from the hands of the Shadow Academy when they escaped, much to the excitement of mechanical minded Jaina Solo.

Star Wars Challenge: Ships - X-Wings


People love the X-wing pilots because they think of them as the great fighters of the Rebellion. See? People haven’t forgotten the war. It’s just that it was all so very long ago.

X-Wings are not just limited to Star Wars Legends and are one of the starships that span both timelines. Luke Skywalker’s X-Wing, AA-589, which he uses in the Original Trilogy, is a constant companion of his throughout the Legends timeline. Likewise, X-Wings are the ship of choice for Rogue Squadron and Wraith Squadron.

Originally created for the Empire, the entire design team for the manufacturer defected to the New Republic and took the prototype for the X-Wing with them. Since then the X-Wing has been found in the service of the Rebel Alliance, New Republic, and the Galactic Alliance.

In the new canon, they have a different history. They were designed to be the backbone of the Imperial Navy, however, political forces led the Empire to choose Sienar Fleet Systems TIE Fighters instead. The Rebel Alliance ended up adopting the X-Wing design for their own starfighters, and instead of becoming the backbone of the Imperial Navy, it became the backbone of the Rebel Alliance and later the Resistance.

I think this tribute video gives an idea of how iconic this ship is, and this is just in the movies. There’s a whole Star Wars Legends timeline out there filled with even more epic X-Wing adventures!

Over To You

Speaking of epic X-Wing adventures, tomorrow’s prompt is battle and there may be some space battles in there 😉

What’s your favourite Star Wars ship?

For day 24 of my Star Wars challenge I'm purposely stepping away from Disney's canon to tell you all about 5 Iconic Ships from Star Wars Legends!
For day 24 of my Star Wars challenge I'm purposely stepping away from Disney's canon to tell you all about 5 Iconic Ships from Star Wars Legends!

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