Star Wars Day Challenge: Day 27 - Merchandise
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Hello and welcome to day twenty-seven of my Star Wars challenge! For the next 31 days, I’ll be posting once a day with a Star Wars themed post. Some days I’ll be talking about just one thing, other days it’ll be about 5 things based on the prompt of the day.

The challenge is open to everyone and can be completed at any time. I thought that May, being home to May the 4th, sounded like the perfect time. If you’d like to join me this month then please do! You can find all the details over here.

DAY 27 – Merchandise

I’m currently in the middle of a 3-day migraine and this prompt required me to hunt down items I own and take photos of them. Thankfully the hunting down part actually turned out to be quite easy (we’d moved stuff around a few months ago and I wasn’t sure where some things ended up!). Either way, I’ve ended up a day behind again so hopefully, I can catch up.

Time to share with you my 5 Favourite Pieces of Star Wars Merchandise I Own!

Star Wars Challenge: Merchandise - Mara Jade: By The Emperor's Hand Comics

Mara Jade: By The Emperor’s Hand

Top of my list of Star Wars merchandise I own is this collection of original Mara Jade: By The Emperor’s Hand comics. Back before were digitalised I was a Star wars addicted kid who had fallen in love with Mara Jade in Timothy Zahn’s Thrawn Trilogy and wanted to read the rest of her story. I picked these up on Ebay for an amazingly cheap price. They were in immaculate condition and came in sleeves too, and adult me understands how very lucky I am to have gotten them.

Star Wars Challenge: Merchandise - BB8 Sphere Droid

BB8 Sphero Droid

I really lucked out with this little guy; I won my BB8 sphero droid during a Christmas the year they were released. Yep. I don’t ‘play’ with him that much because we learned the hard way what happens when one of our cats gets hold of an electronic toy – he hunted it down, pulled it out the back of a desk draw and utterly destroyed it. So BB8 has stayed safely on top of a shelf for most of his life. He’s happy there with the Book of the Sith and The Jedi Path learning some new tricks, just don’t tell Poe, ok? 😉

Star Wars Challenge: Merchandise - Carrie Fisher & Peter Mayhew Signatures

Signed Cast Photos of Carrie Fisher & Peter Mayhew

The very first convention I went to was London Comic Con in 2006. I was absolutely blown away by the whole experience, and a complete nervous wreck when I got to meet Carrie Fisher and Peter Mayhew. My legs were shaking so hard and I barely said a few words! Meeting both of them are experiences that I have always cherished, and even more so after they passed away. I also find it utterly adorable that Peter Mayhew always signed his photos ‘Chewbacca’. It was more than just a character to him.

Star Wars Challenge: Merchandise - Essential Guides

Essential Guides

I absolutely love these books and have so many of them. Pictured here are the original Essential Guide to Characters, the updated addition The New Essential Guide to Characters released after the prequel and Jedi Vs. Sith: The Essential Guide to the Force. I have two essential guides to chronology, droids, planets and moons, alien species, as well as an absolutely massive Star Wars Encyclopaedia

When I call myself a Star Wars geek I mean it in every sense of the word.

Star Wars Challenge: Merchandise - R2D2 Egg Timer

R2-D2 Kitchen Timer

I absolutely love my R2-D2 Kitchen Timer, he’s the perfect kitchen accessory for any Star Wars fan – unless you suffer from noise sensitivity, that is. He ticks as he’s counting down and it drives me absolutely bonkers. So poor R2-D2 has been demoted to just looking cute and lovely in the kitchen rather than being a useful kitchen timer.

Over To You

I really wish I had some cool t-shirts to show you. Sadly I don’t have my Save the Ewoks t-shirt I had for years. I wore it so much that it ended up falling to pieces! I hope you enjoyed this little show and tell of my Star Wars merchandise. If you did and you’d like to see some of my other geeky merch from other fandoms let me know!

If you fell in love with anything I’ve talked about here you can find links below to pick up one for yourself!

Do you have any Star Wars merchandise?

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Star Wars Challenge: Day 27 - My 5 Favourite Pieces of Star Wars Merchandise I Own: We're almost at the end and for day 27 of my Star Wars challenge, I'm showing you my 5 favourite pieces of Star Wars merchandise that I own.
Star Wars Challenge: Day 27 - My 5 Favourite Pieces of Star Wars Merchandise I Own: We're almost at the end and for day 27 of my Star Wars challenge, I'm showing you my 5 favourite pieces of Star Wars merchandise that I own.

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