Sharing Saturday: World of Warcraft Fan Art - Pets

At least once a month you’ll find one of these posts popping up here at Ruby Wings Blog. I’ll be sharing some awesome stuff I have found from around the web. Sometime it will be art, sometimes fantastic websites, or geeky fashion. Naturally World of Warcraft fanart was top of the list and I’ve been dying to share some of my favourites with everyone. It is probably my biggest favourite folder on my DeviantArt account. So last week we had  Night Elves and this week I’m showcasing some fan of companion or characters with pets. Some of these aren’t specifically pet related but seem to have a pet in them or are just so damn cute I couldn’t resist! There is also a bunch of gorgeous plushies, models and other pet related craft fanworks but that will be for another time 😉

Disclaimer: The here is displayed only out of admiration and credit is given for every image (I use the ’embed’ code directly from dA). If you are the and want your removed please leave me a comment. If you like some of the here please take the time to visit the artist’s DeviantArt and/or leave a comment to let them know. This is probably obvious, but: this post is very image heavy.

I cannot be held responsible for the insane amount of cuteness beneath this cut! 😛

Pet Battlin’ by Kayley on DeviantArt

Gotta catch ’em all! by Ayaka-ya on DeviantArt

Training in the Jade Forest by atryl on DeviantArt

Pet Project 1 by Faebelina on DeviantArt

Wind Rider Cub by Kayley on DeviantArt

Brightpaw by Faebelina on DeviantArt

Demon Hunter Pepe by Kayley on DeviantArt

Gnome Priest by lowly-owly on DeviantArt

World of Warcraft: Lil’ Tarecgosa by Ehtiona on DeviantArt

Can I adopt her? by monniponi on DeviantArt

Blue Birthday Present by Faebelina on DeviantArt

Moose Cutie by Faebelina on DeviantArt

Hallow’s End by lowly-owly on DeviantArt

Halloween is coming by AppleSin on DeviantArt

Unborn Val’kitten by Kattona on DeviantArt

Valijra by Leassel on DeviantArt

Commission- Guchulag by c3rmen on DeviantArt

Spring is already here by aquarelka on DeviantArt

Zao, Calfling of Niuzao by Hollulu on DeviantArt

Young Kael with his phoenix by RinaCane on DeviantArt

Mr. Bigglesworth by Satanbanan on DeviantArt

Molten Corgi by Dmitry1205 on DeviantArt

Cuties – Celestials by auryanne on DeviantArt

Moonkin and Hippogryph by Sleepingfox on DeviantArt

:Commission: Shora by Miladymorigane on DeviantArt

Whelpy Azuregos by Eppon on DeviantArt


20 + Super Cute World of Warcraft Pets Fanart



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