Sharing Saturday: Places to promote your blog


Exams are over so it’s time to get Sharing Saturday back on track! This week I’m looking at sites that can help you promote your blog.

Promoting your is not only important, it’s a great way to meet new people and find new content by others. Here’s my run down on different ways and places online where you can share your blog to the world!


Website Listings

I website listings because they list a variety of different sites which means you can add your blog, and any other sites you have, and gain visitors from many different places. Some listings are open to any and all sites, like my Ruby Wings Listings, while others are more specific. These may be for blogs only, or for themed sites, such as a particular fandom, hobby, or genre.

Here are some of my favourites (and my own as I’m slightly addicted to them 😉 ):

For Blogs: Blog Nation, Bloglist Me, Listen up!

For any sites: Ruby Wings Listings, Nerd Listings, Electro Listings, Smooth Sailing Listings.

For specific themes/fandoms: Kawaii Directory (Kawaii/cute sites), Yummy Networks (site collectives), Hogwartians (Harry Potter), Seductive Directory (/Fantasy), Queldorei Listings (Video Games).

This is just a selection, you can find loads more over at Webmaster Links!


Button Exchanges

A button exchange is a site where you sign up, pop up a rotation code on your site and other people’s buttons feature on your site – likewise, your button pops up on theirs! Again, these come in many different flavours – some are just a standard open to any site, others have more of a theme i.e. a certain fandom/theme or you join as a character (a great example is Elysian Fields where you sign up and submit a button of your favourite hero character).

My two favourites are Total Randomosity and the Akuma Exchange which are both open to any sites, including blogs.



Plugboards give mixed results, but it only takes a few seconds to use them and you never know who you’ll reach by using them. They’re something I use every so often, although I’ve known others to use them regularly. Basically you post your button and your url, and hey presto it appears on a wall of buttons. One warning – you do need to use a specific size image otherwise it won’t be viewable. The size is usually displayed on the plug board itself.

Here are some great active ones to give a try: Bliss Plugs, Ruby Plugs, Silent Plug, iPlugs.


A few others

There are topsites/voting lists you can join, webrings, and also forums for advertising websites. However, in recent years there seems to be a decline in both and I haven’t really found that many that are active. You can see a few over at Webmaster Links if you’re really curious about any of these 🙂


4 Different Places to Promote your Blog

Do you know of any of these already? Do you have any others to add? Let me know in the comments!







  1. I haven’t heard of most of these! I’m sure they’re great sources to get your blog out there, which we can always get more of. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


  2. I haven’t heard of most of these! I’m sure they’re great sources to get your blog out there, which we can always get more of. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!


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