Sharing Saturday: Animal facebook groups

This week I’m sharing some of my favourite animal related pages on Facebook. There will be animals, silly pictures, and beautiful videos – I am not responsible for any tears or hours of your life lost to browsing through said pages 😉 That being said, these are a good go to if you need cheering up.


The Black Jaguar-White Tiger Foundation

I only found out about this page last year and I am in love with it and maybe just a little addicted. The page follows the Foundation set up by Eduardo Serio, lovingly called Papa Bear, who rescues animals from terrible circumstances. While it’s mainly big felines, hence the name, there are a bunch of other animals too which also feature regularly on the page. What makes this foundation so special is Papa Bear’s approach to his animals; love. The amount of work and love put into raising and rehabilitating these animals is beyond amazing. He has big felines of all different breeds living together, not because he’s forced them to, but because they love one another. Every and picture posted by Papa Bear and the team shows you how much his furry babies adore him. They give us a very special and unseen look into the world of big felines, and it is precious and beautiful.






Hessel & Hannes

I’ve been following these guys for a few years now, and the page features a black Labrador and ginger cat who are best friends. In addition to their friendship, the page also follows the antics of their fellow dogs Millie and Olav (who is seriously the most adorable puppy you have ever seen). Their friendship is beautiful, funny and a little bit crazy at times.





Cats sleeping in awkward positions

Anyone who’s ever owned a cat will tell you that at times they are completely off their rocker. This page focuses on one of those aspects; cats sleeping in weird and sometimes very awkward (how on earth is that even comfortable?!) positions. It is great for a laugh or just to reminisce/confer with your fellow cat owners.





Candice Sedighan

Candice’s focused on her beautiful Golden Retriever Champ. Sadly, Champ passed away and now her photography focuses on Bear as he grows up. Her photos are well put together, stunning and have a playful genuine feel to them that you rarely find. They are heart warming and precious to behold.









Last, but not least, is a page run by a personal friend of mine, Jayme. As the title sounds, yep, we’re talking about here. Namely snakes and Jayme has some beauties! If you’re not a snake fan then look away, if you are fascinated by lovely reptiles then please check it out.





5 Awesome Animal Facebook Pages to Follow Now!

Do you have any awesome animal pages to share? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Awwww :3 I’m obsessed with kitties of all sizes :p Nice list btw!

  2. Awwww :3 I’m obsessed with kitties of all sizes :p Nice list btw!

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