Seriously Geeky Sundays Week 2 - Easter & Spring
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Welcome to week 2 of and Happy Easter Weekend! It was absolutely fantastic to have so many of you join in week one and I am really excited to read your posts for this week 😀  I’m a Pagan so while I don’t celebrate the traditional religious holiday Easter has become more of a tradition of celebrating Spring and shamelessly buying into the commercial side of Easter. As an only child I had loads of Easter Eggs yet missed out on the fun stuff like egg hunts, so keeping the spirit of Easter and Spring alive is important to me as an adult especially right now. This isn’t the Easter weekend any of us expected and I hope that this week’s questions will help bring a little bit of the usual joy to your weekend however you are spending it.

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Easter & Spring

My answers for week #2

Seriously Geeky Sundays - Who is your favourite bunny?

Who is your favourite bunny?

Technically mine is a hare, not a rabbit, however, hares are part of the rabbit family so it’s close enough. Captain Bucky O’Hare has and always will be my favourite bunny. I fell in love with the lead character of Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars when I was a kid and he left a lasting impression. He is just one badass bunny, and the only one who has come close to being that badass was E. Aster Bunnymund aka the Easter Bunny in the film Rise of the Guardians.

Spring is a time of rebirth so thinking about fictional worlds and characters; what does rebirth mean to you?

Rebirth means multiple things to me. It’s a common theme in comic books, with characters coming back from the dead, going on and quests that result in a physical or metaphysical rebirth, and sometimes entire worlds and universes are reborn. In 2016 DC comics relaunched their main series under the title ‘DC Rebirth‘.

The other thing that makes me think of rebirth is the from World of Warcraft. With power over life they have the power to create anything, and that includes bringing things back to life. The dragon-queen Alexstrasza has on many occasions used her magic to burn away the undead to rebirth new life in its place. As the Life-Binder she represents rebirth in the World of Warcraft universe.

Easter wouldn’t be the same without Easter Eggs; if you could have anything hatch from an egg what would it be?

I chose this question because I was curious about what other people would answer, and I’m going to be really terrible at answering it myself because I couldn’t choose just one! Rather than one big egg, I’d prefer to have many little eggs filled with random creatures from myths and magic. Creatures such as these 5 fictional creatures I’d like to adopt. Even if they only lasted a few hours or a day, I would rather have many experiences than try to pick just one thing.

Seriously Geeky Sundays - What fictional location reminds you of spring?

What fictional location reminds you of spring?

It has to be Alderaan in Star Wars: The Old Republic. The planet always feels like it is perpetually caught between winter and summer with snow in some places beginning to thaw and giving way to gorgeous green fields. It just makes me always think of spring; especially in the UK. In the UK it’s not uncommon for it to snow in April or May (it snowed when we went to Alton Towers at Easter once!) and Alderaan always reminds me of how quickly the weather can change during spring.

An Easter egg isn’t just a chocolate treat it’s also a hidden item for fans to spot. What’s your favourite easter egg?

I love easter eggs because they make me feel more connected to the people who the movie/video game/etc. Behind each easter egg is a love for the fandom and that is the essence of being a geek and a nerd. It’s something that connects all of us regardless of whether we’re working on a movie or watching it at home.

My favourite easter eggs are in World of Warcraft and there are so many! My absolute favourite one which I always get a giggle from is this one:

Seriously Geeky Sundays -What’s your favourite easter egg?
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles easter egg in the sewers of Dalaran in World of Warcraft

This homage to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles was one of the first easter eggs I found in the game and one that was dear to my heart because I loved TMNT when I was a kid. I absolutely love this little easter egg and yes, my battle pets are named after the characters 😉

Another of my favourite easter eggs was a more recent one and I’m going to pop this under a spoiler tag as it’s from the Arrowverse Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover event.


Oh my goodness the Smallville easter egg! There were so many good easter eggs (and one horrible one – I am not a fan of the DCU Flash at all) but this is the one that gave me the most chills. As a massive Smallville fan, I felt like this was the ending that I’d been waiting for and didn’t realise. It just felt so nice after all these years to go back, revisit Clark and Lois and see them the same yet older and wiser. The way Clark handled Lex spoke of wisdom and experience which juxtaposed with Lex’s ongoing spoiled boy tantrum was just hilarious. Even without his powers, he handled him and the book of destiny and then just turned around to get on with life like it was just another day. 

It was wonderful to see that the chemistry between Erica Durance and Tom Welling was the same as it always used to be. I think that is what made this easter egg so amazing; it didn’t feel like Smallville had ended 9 years ago. 


Plan a themed Easter egg hunt for your favourite characters.

[An idea popped into my head for this one and so I ended up going with a prose style answer. Enjoy!]

Diana smiled as she put the egg down. With that last egg in place, Diana could settle back and wait. Over the next few hours, the rest of the Justice League would be finding an invitation to an Easter egg hunt she had personally designed for each of them. Easter had always been something of a mystery to Diana. How chocolate eggs and cute rabbit toys had anything to do with a Christian deity rising from the dead was beyond her, however, she had seen more mysterious things in her time. Then the topic of the forthcoming holiday had come up with her Justice League Dark teammates and Diana had finally asked.

While her JL colleagues were the best minds when it came to science, the metaphysics of the universe or the best detectives the world had ever known, mythology was not. and Kent Nelson had told her about the Goddess Eostre, with Constantine delighting in informing her about a monk that apparently made the whole thing up. It was one of the first magic tricks according to the magician, but Diana had simply smiled; Eostre wouldn’t be the first mythical creature she’d met to come alive from humans belief.

Learning about the Goddess of Spring had been the connection she’d been missing, the piece of the puzzle that stopped her from understanding what made the holiday so magical. She had heard Barry talk about the Easter egg hunts his parents had planned for him as a child many times, his voice echoing with that now-familiar mix of fondness and sadness they all recognised when he spoke of his parents.

Things had been difficult recently and the team needed something fun to remind them of what they fought for and according to Diana’s research traditionally Easter egg hunts were filled with symbolic meanings of rebirth and renewal. Although Easter was purely a commercialised holiday for many Diana hoped that some of the old magic remained in the details of the ritual. It had taken her a while to think of an egg hunt specific for each of her teammates, and it had taken a lot of planning to put her plans into motion.

For each member of the Justice League, she had considered their abilities, their loves and their relationship to her and the rest of the team. That was fundamentally important when it came to setting the egg hunt for J’onn J’onzz. The Martian Manhunter was the most powerful telepath on the planet and each egg she had left for him had been imbued with a memory. That memory would lead him to the next egg, and so on. It was a unique gift that only J’onn would appreciate.

John Stewart’s egg was designed to combine his military prowess with his love for architecture. His egg hunt was designed to challenge the former marine’s tracking skills and his knowledge of architecture around his home city. He would have to track her previously movements to find the egg locations and she hadn’t made it easy on him.

Barry’s hunt had been a difficult one; Diana wanted to give him the nostalgia of his memories and yet she knew he needed to move on. It took a while before she realised that the answer was obvious; he was the Flash. Travelling across the world back and forth Diana hid eggs in hundreds of places. A massive egg hunt that would take anyone a week to complete unless they were, of course, the fastest man alive.

As she had hidden the eggs for the Flash Diana visited the great seas, harbours and beaches of the world. She did not want to pollute the oceans and risk the wrath of Atlantis so she had been careful to place the eggs on land. She had done her research and found places linked to Atlantis before it fell, or in some way connected to the sea by story or myth. It was an egg hunt that merged the kingdoms of the land and the sea, and one perfect for her friend and colleague Arthur.

Unlike the rest of the team, Victor was relatively easy. The hardest part was laying out the egg hunt away from the prying eyes of modern technology so that it remained a secret. Heading for one of the largest nature reserves she laid out Cyborg’s egg hunt in a place away from technology where he could just be Victor Stone, a man.

What do you get the Man of Steel? The man who has seen hundreds of other planets? Diana knew that there was nothing Kal-el would want more than to spend time with his family in the town where he grew up. She arranged time off for him and Lois with their boss Perry and set up the hunt in Smallville for their family. No tricks, nothing special. Just a normal egg hunt for a family to enjoy. It was something she knew he would enjoy more than anything else.

That left just one last member and the hardest to fool of all. The world’s greatest detective (don’t let Barry hear that). Bruce would spoil the fun simply by cracking every clue so easily and due to everyone he came up against in Gotham, it was imperative that he knew the clues really were from her. That was why she had hand-delivered his first clue personally. Naturally, he had complained that he had no time for silly games; he had to patrol. That was why she was in Gotham, she explained, to be on standby should anything happen. He needn’t worry.

While he wouldn’t refuse her offer of help Diana knew fine well that he wouldn’t stop patrolling just to find the eggs and that was why she had hidden all of them along his usual patrol route. Alfred had been happy to help her set it up as soon as she had told him her plan. Diana knew that it was because he loved Bruce like a son, but she also knew that like her, he was enjoying the chance to baffle The Batman just this once.

There were 25 eggs to collect in Bruce’s egg hunt. He would find the first 24 easy enough, of that she had no doubt. It was the 25th egg that she had designed to be the mystery. It would take him a while and then he would realise where it was.

Sitting wrapped up in front of her on a table in Wayne Manor, the final stop of his nightly patrol. Diana smiled as Alfred reappeared with some sandwiches, taking a sip of her cup of tea and settled in for a long night with good company.


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Seriously Geeky Sundays #2 - Easter & Spring: It's week 2 of Seriously Geeky Sundays and the theme is Easter & Spring! We're talking all things bunnies, spring and rebirth - check out people's posts & join in!
Seriously Geeky Sundays #2 - Easter & Spring: It's week 2 of Seriously Geeky Sundays and the theme is Easter & Spring! We're talking all things bunnies, spring &rebirth - check out people's posts & join in!

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  1. I love the idea of smaller timed eggs for the hatching question! I had a hard time picking one for that as well cause there are just SO MANY creatures that’d be super cool to hatch.

    Already looking forward to next Sunday!

    1. Author

      I would seriously be happy to open a nature reserve or animal sanctuary if I could. Whenever I play a video game or watch something with my fiance and see a cute animal/creature I’m like ‘can I have it…? :D’. I don’t even get half the sentance out now before I get told no 😀 hehe.

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