Seriously Geeky Sunday week 18 - Supporting Roles
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Hello everyone and welcome to the first Seriously Geeky Sundays week of August! In case you missed them August’s questions can be found here. There are a few things happening this month so please check out the announcements below!

Up until now, we’ve talked about all sorts of characters and this week we’re giving some love to the supporting roles in fandoms, the minor characters, the and the sidekicks. The smaller parts that are necessary for the whole thing to work. I always see prompts and tags talking about the main characters, the protagonists, the heroes, and the main cast, but no one ever seems to think about the smaller roles in fandoms. That is what inspired this week’s questions and I’m intrigued to see what answers you guys come up with!

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August represents the final month of currently written questions which means I’ll be releasing new themes over the few weeks. Keep an eye out for a suggestions and feedback post later this week where I’ll be asking for your input about theme ideas.

The second announcement is something I’ve been planning from the start of Seriously Geeky Sundays; hosting. Every so often other SGS participants will be offered the opportunity to host that week’s theme. What does that entail exactly? It’s really easy; you answer the prompt as normal and then invite people to comment leaving a link to their own post. In comparison, my own post will just be my answers without a link up as I won’t be hosting that week.

You’ll be able to see this in action week as Megan of A Geeky Gal will be our first host! SGS wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for Megan helping me behind the scenes, talking me through my fears and helping to boost my confidence. Megan will be hosting week #19 Animation.

Once the new themes are up I’ll be looking for people to host upcoming weeks. The only requirement is that you must have participated in at least one SGS previously.

Supporting Roles

My answers for week #18

Seriously Geeky Sundays #18 - Supporting Roles

Who is your favourite sidekick?

When I think sidekicks I think of Disney sidekicks and I could probably list every single one for as my favourite. It’s The Lion Kings Timon and Pumba that top the list though. There’s just something about that duo that always warms my heart.

Seriously Geeky Sundays #18 - Supporting Roles

Who is your favourite minor character or NPC?

Brann Bronzebeard from is my favourite NPC. One of a trio of dwarven brothers, one of which is King, Brann is an and like the infamous Indiana Jones (or Harrison Jones, his Azerothian counterpart) Brann gets up to all sorts of hijinks. He does it with a typical dwarven attitude and in especially has some of the best one-liners. You always know when Brann’s around that something is going to go wrong but you can’t help but be curious and excited to find out what while you’re facepalming at the inevitability of it all.

Seriously Geeky Sundays #18 - Supporting Roles

Which minor character do you wish had more ‘screen’ time?

I’m pretty sure I’ve said this before somewhere, and quite possibly in a previous SGS, but I need more information about Rey’s parents. I really wish we knew more about them, how they got together, when Palpatine’s son realised who/what his father was and that he needed to protect his family, and so on. Did he ever find out that he was a clone? Even just knowing something as simple as that would be useful to know.

What is your favourite scene with a minor character?

There’s a scene in Tamora Pierce’s Protector of the Small series where Kel is talking with her mentor and Knight master, Raoul of Goldenlake and as usual, Raoul is his normal frank self. Kel is preparing to take her Ordeal of Knighthood in Squire and during one of their many conversations Raoul says this to her:

“When people say a knight’s job is all glory, I laugh and laugh and laugh. Often I can stop laughing before they edge away and talk about soothing drinks.”

Seriously Geeky Sundays #18 - Supporting Roles

What has been your favourite cameo role?

Most of my favourite cameos have been from Crisis on Infinite Earths, however, the best one for me was Will Wheaton’s one. It was just such a surprise to see him there at the start in such a random roll, and it was such a Will Wheaton thing to do that it made me laugh. It really set the whole thing for me because I was like, yep, this is going to be awesome.

Seriously Geeky Sundays #18 - Supporting Roles

If you could have someone play a cameo role in anything what would it be?

Following on from my last answer, I really love how previous actors who have played DC characters in older shows have popped up in Arrowverse shows. One that hasn’t happened yet is Chris O’Donnell who played Dick Grayson in the movies, Batman Forever and Batman and Robin. I’ve always been a big fan of Chris O’Donnell and I think he’d make a fantastic addition to the Arrowverse, although as he’s busy with NCIS: LA I suspect he’d only have time for a cameo.

It would also be great to see cameos from some of the other Smallville alum (the ones who aren’t in jail…) such as Michael Shanks who played Hawkman. He could pop up in Stargirl, for example, with a connection to the old of America.


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Thanks for reading my answers for this week’s Seriously Geeky Sundays prompt and I hoped you enjoyed finding out who my favourite minor characters are!

Who is your favourite minor character?

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Seriously Geeky Sundays #18 - Supporting Roles: For this week's Seriously Geeky Sundays we’re giving some love to the supporting roles in fandoms, the minor characters, the NPCs and the sidekicks.

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Image Credits: Image of Rey's parents is from Star Wars, Crisis on Infinite Earths screencap is from Genre Caps.


  1. I had always hoped to see Chris O’ Donnell make any type of cameo appearance in any of the DC movies. He is my favorite actor for Robin of all time, and I was so sad that I never saw him appear in certain series. I do love what he’s doing for NCIS, but I still remember my reaction to seeing him in that series.


    side bar: all the sidekicks in Disney are awesome lol XD, I agree

  2. Will Wheaton is always my favourite character in whatever show’s he is on. At least if he is in geeky shows! There is just this aura of him really loving these things. I loved his Tabletop webshow as well he is one of those proud to be geek actors that really appeals to me!

    I wasn’t a big fan of the Star Wars sequel movies but I imagine what if we had opened up to Rey’s father and mother in the third movie it might have provided so much more context. The theory Rey was Palestine’s Grand Daughter or daughter existed pretty heavily since the first movie already so I do think they could have rewarded the people who figured it out more by seeing the reveal happen at the end of part 8 instead of the whole “you are no one” thing. Then seeing a bigger chunk of the last movie devoted to her family.. to show us why she might be prone to the dark side. Validate her fears a bit before placing her in the same shoes Luke did.. striking the emperor down while seeing his fleet destroyed. Her father could subtly been used to tell a tale.

    I like your ideas of DC cameos. If we use the Schumacher films for cameo’s I would love for George Clooney to sit in a restaurant or something….asking to pay and his creditcard bounces and people ask him why there is a bat on it..and he’d needs on of a legitimate bank.

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