Book Review: The Immortal Conquistador by Carrie Vaughn
The Immortal Conquistador by Carrie Vaughn
Series Number: 15
Published: 2 April 2020
Page Count: 196
Discover the deadly origins of the noble immortal Rick, ally to bestselling author 's fan-favorite werewolf, Kitty Norville Ricardo de Avila would have followed Coronado to the ends of the earth. Instead, Ricardo found the end of his mortal life, and a new one, as a renegade vampire-conquistador. For over five hundred years, Ricardo has upset the established order. He has protected his found family from marauding demons, teamed up with a legendary gunslinger, appointed himself the Master of Denver, and called upon a church buried under the Vatican. He has tended bar and fended off evil werewolves. Life for a vampire is always long, but for Rick, it is never uncomplicated.
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I’ll be completely honest; I had absolutely zero interest in The Immortal Conquistador until I read the short story Conquistador de la Noche in Kitty’s Greatest Hits (review here). I liked Ric as a character, but I was never a huge fan of him. Normally I feel drawn to and want to know more about them, especially their history, however, Ric is such a private character that he never piqued my interest. He was created purposely not to be a typical vampire, and while I can appreciate that, he just always felt a little flat to me. That was until we finally got his story in Conquistador de la Noche, and I was able to appreciate that my issues with him were a lack of information rather than character faults.

Once I’d finished the two short story collections, the only book left unread was The Immortal Conquistador; the Ric novella. I was pleasantly surprised by how interesting it actually was, and enjoyed about historical periods and places that I (as a Brit) know nothing about through Ric’s eyes. All those times he teased Kitty with comments and looks where she just knew he had a lifetime of juicy just waiting to be told, and yup, he does. This is the story that Kitty might just very well kill to get her hands on.

It can be read by readers who have never read the Kitty Norville series, however, you will probably get much more from it if you have read the series. This is an additional story for fans and ties in with the series.


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