Comic Review: Shadow Service Vol 2: Mission Infernal from Vault Comics. null
Shadow Service Vol 2: Mission Infernal from Vault Comics. null
Series Number: 2
Published: 28th September 2021
Page Count: 128
Illustrator: Corin Howell, Triona Farrell
First Gina was a witch. Then she was a spy. Now she’s a traitor. Spycraft meets witchcraft in the world of MI666 BLACK MAGIC MEETS BLACK OPS. Betrayed by one of their own, the takes to the dangerous streets of Rome. But can the traitor be brought back into the fold? The chase is on. Spycraft meets witchcraft in the world of MI666. Collects #6 to #10 of the ongoing series.

I adored Vol 1 and you can check out my review for vol one here. Naturally I was on board to read and review Shadow Service Vol 2: Mission Infernal and find out what wayward witch Gina Meyers was getting up to next. Plus, of course, being #teamEdwin I just had to find out what the story was about our favourite rat!

Many thanks to Jamie-Lee at Black Crow PR for the opportunity to review the second volume!


Content Warnings


Violence, blood, gore, cannibalism, torture and ground hog day-esque reliving death scenes.

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Comic Review: Shadow Service Vol 2: Mission Infernal from Vault Comics. null

The Review

If you’ve read the first volume of and were impressed, hold onto your seats because things get even better in volume two! In the first volume we were introduced to the MI666 team and other people in Gina’s life, however, we only learned the origin story of one of them; Coyle. In this volume we learn how Gina met Edwin the rat and Quinn, and the origin story of agent Aashi, as well as the illusive MI666 leader Hex. There’s still much more we still need to know about Hex, but we are given the basic information about who he is and where his supernatural life began.

Shadow Service Vol 2 delves much deeper into everything and as you’d expect there are a lot of plot twists which bring even more questions just as we get some answers. The wonderful artwork from volume one continues, with Corin Howell and Triona Farrell’s growing stronger with each issue. There are some stunning scenes in the later issues as the two artists really get to dig into London’s supernatural world, bringing the demonic and the celestial to life. One thing I love about this series is the moody colour scheme and grungy textures, and they fit so well alongside Scott’s writing. They both add layers to the story which you can only get in the comic/graphic novel medium.

Scott takes us on an emotional rollercoaster as we follow Gina as she tries to out where she belongs; is it on her own, with Quinn who has helped her out before or with MI666? The problem is that she’s no longer an obscure nobody and London’s underworld has begun to notice her… can she get away with fading back into obscurity and going back to chasing after cheating partners again? (Does she even want to?). As with volume one, Scott’s writing is on point, and the nice tip of a hat in acknowledgement to the British public who have had to live with Tories making a complete hash of things during the pandemic will go down well with many readers. It’s a scene that would not have been out of place in a Constantine issue, so if you’re a Constantine fan, then I’d suggest giving a shot.

The volume ends with a huge openly for the next one, and I can’t wait to see where it goes. I have so many questions!

Comic Review: Shadow Service Vol 2: Mission Infernal from Vault Comics - My review for the horror comic book series Shadow Service Vol. 2: Mission Infernal from Vault Comics, written by Cavan Scott.. null
Cavan Scott
Meet the Author

Cavan Scott

Cavan Scott is a number one best-selling author and comic writer for both adults and children.

He has written for a large number of high-profile series including Doctor Who, Star Wars, Vikings, Penguins of Madagascar, Star Trek, Skylanders, Adventure Time, Pathfinder, Angry Birds, Judge Dredd, Disney Infinity, Blake’s 7 and Warhammer 40,000.

Cavan was one of the 2016 World Book Day authors, his Star Wars: Adventures in Wild Space – The Escape hitting the Number One spot in the UK book charts. In 2013, Who-ology, co-written with Mark Wright, was the first Doctor Who book to become a Sunday Times Bestseller in the UK. The popular writing team also won the 2014 Scribe Award for Best Audio for Blake’s 7: The Armageddon Storm.

A member of The Society of Authors, the Scattered Author Society and the Dennis the Menace Fan Club, Cavan lives near Bristol with his wife, two daughters and an inflatable Dalek named Desmond.

You can find out more about his work over at his website. You can browse his books on Goodreads. Or connect with him on social media; he’s on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook!

Over to you

Thanks for reading my review for Shadow Service Vol. 2! I hope you enjoyed it, and I’d love to hear your thoughts 🙂

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    I like reading horror, I think the one thing that always turns me off is animal deaths. I can’t stand it or anything super violent happening to children is also a big turn off for me.

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