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Star Wars The New Essential Guide to

The Star Wars universe is expanding faster than ever before, and Star Wars: The Essential Guide to Characters has received an exciting new face-lift-with completely updated text and more than a hundred brand new, full-color illustrations by extraordinary new Michael Sutfin. This all-new Essential Guide features detailed profiles of more than one hundred and thirty characters from across the Star Wars , including all of your favorites-such as Luke Skywalker, , , Darth Vader, and Mara Jade-as well as, from Episode II: – Jango Fett – Count Dooku – Anakin Skywalker – Zam Wesell And the key players from Star Wars: Episode I The Phantom Menace – Queen Amidala – Qui-Gon Jinn – Mace Windu – Darth Maul Here is complete, updated coverage of the novels from the incredible New Jedi Order and all of the classic movies, , comics, TV specials, , and the rest of the Star Wars universe. This must-have book describes the essential and data for each character-with vital statistics, homeworlds, and political affiliations. More characters, more information, brilliant artwork-the Essential Guides are hotter than ever!

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