12 Days of Geeking By - 5 new Blog Tags & Challenges!

Welcome to day 3 of the 12 days of Geeking By! As you guys know I absolutely love blog tags and challenges and regularly take part in them on my blog and social media. I’ve never actually created my own one – until now! My creative juices have been building up and rather than release these over the next coming year it seemed like a nice little Holiday gift to everyone to do them all in one go!

Each tag and challenge can be used as a blog prompt or alternatively in another format of your choosing whether that be on social media, in a youtube video – whatever you prefer.

I hope you enjoy them 😉

The Geeky Photo Challenge

The Geeky Photo Challenge prompt list created by @justgeekingby

There’s a lot of photo challenges about, however, there’s not one aimed at geeks and I started to think about what a geeky photo challenge would entail. So I decided to create one that covers a broad range of topics and gets you to share all aspects of your geeky/nerdiness.

Head over to Geeky Photo Challenge page or click the image to read more about it!

The Unexpected Tag

The Unexpected Tag!

The idea for this tag came about while I was watching a TV show and I fell unexpectedly in with a couple. It was something I never saw coming and would never have expected it to be something I’d ever like until it actually played out. It got me thinking about all the times when I’ve been surprised by how a character or a plot has turned out, for the good or bad, and this tag was born.

Head over to The Unexpected Tag page or click the image to read more about it!

30 Day World of Warcraft Challenge

30 Day World of Warcraft Challenge - Version 1: Races
30 Day World of Warcraft Challenge - Version 2: Classes

Inspired by challenges, I wanted to create an unrestricted challenge for people to embrace their for World of Warcraft. It can be completed in anyway you wish so if art is your medium then go for it, otherwise screenshots, writing, 30 days of blog posts – your way, your style whether it’s for the or for the alliance 😉

Head over to 30 Day World of Warcraft Challenge page or click the image to read more about it!

30 Day Star Wars Challenge

The 30 day Star Wars Challenge!

Naturally I couldn’t not do a Star Wars challenge to match, could I? Last month I was catching up with my Star Wars comics and it got me thinking. Whether you’re a fan of just the movies, the expanded universe, the new canon, hate or somewhere in between this challenge is about showing your for a Galaxy Far Far Away.

Head over to the 30 Day Star Wars Challenge page or click the image to read more about it!

Animal Cast Tag

The Animal Cast Tag

A silly random thought that turned into a tag! If the of your favourite fandom suddenly turned into animals what would they be? Would they all be different animals, or would they be different breeds of the same animal? It’s time to pick your fandom and start thinking on the wild side.

Head over to Animal Cast Tag page or click the image to read more about it!

Over to You

I hope you liked the new blog tags and challenges, and this new addition to Just Geeking By. This is just the first announcement of and new content coming along, and it’s just going to get bigger and better from here so stay tuned 😉

Let me know what you think of the blog tags and challenges and if you’re planning to take part in any of them!

5 New Blog Tags & Challenges!

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Image Credits: Star Divider by MysticEmma., World of Warcraft Class and Race brushes by Cammerel.

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