Join me this May for the 30 day Star Wars Photo Challenge!

Last December I created 5 tags and challenges including a   and since then life has been so hectic I’ve had no chance to take part in any of my own tags/challenges! That has to change and what better way to start than dedicating May, the month of Star Wars Day, to the Star Wars 30 Day Challenge?

I would love for you all to join me!

That’s why I’m posting this over a month in advance so that there’s plenty of time to start thinking about your entries and start scheduling posts to your or social media. If you want to take post the all in one go on your or take part for just a few days that’s absolutely fine!

Are you up for the challenge?

For more information about the please refer to the 30 Day Star Wars Challenge page.

Use #

Throughout the month of May I’ll be sharing other people’s entries to my social media accounts. Use the hashtag # to share your posts or to keep up with the challenge!

May the force be with you!

Pin This - Join me this May to celebrate our love of Star Wars all month long with a 30 day Star Wars Challenge on your blogs or social media!

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