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Welcome to the second month of interviews here at Just Geeking By. Last month we had the lovely Jen Pattison, talented extraordinaire. This month I’d like to introduce you to another of my good friends, Mandi!



Mandi is a writer, writing practice coach and dreamer empowering the writerly insides of those who choose to step into the spotlight.

She is breaking internal editors, sabotages and procrastinators to bring writing into the lives of every day and men to help them feel at home insides their haven created by a writing practice that empowers and motivates them to get more out of life

The Interview

Hi Mandi please tell us a bit about yourself!

Hi! I’m Mandi and I’m a writer, editor, day dreamer and writing coach over at Dreaming Fully Awake and I work with writers who want to learn about getting a writing practice that’s full of grace and heart into place. I am a personal trainer that their writing needs giving them the accountability and loving nudge to get things posted, finished and out in the world.

How did you get into writing?

I’ve always been a writer, well that’s a lie, I first penned my first serious story at 12 and it was about a boy band who shall not be mentioned and I sorta of ran with it. It wasn’t until I hit my early 20s that I realised just how beautiful it would be to help people figure out how to make their writing better. And lets be honest, I loved to get emotions from people, whether it’s love, hate, disgust or whatever I wanted to make people feel that and I wanted to help others get the chance to do it.

How many years have you been doing it?

I started to do it seriously about a two years ago when I enrolled into B-School and did Bright Eyed and BlogHearted to help hone my vision and get me where I realy wanted o do.

What does your writing mean to you?

Everything. It’s my life support, it’s what gets me out of bed in the morning and it’s what gets me going. I use it as way to escape, a way to celebrate, as a respite as life itself. Every possibly way has a use for me.

What was the first time you realised that was what you wanted to do?

It was probably around the time that I actually had my high school teacher check my wrists after I wrote a story. It was such a powerful and livid moment. It has always stuck and that was the unconscious moment, the conscious moment was when I was sitting in one of my classes at uni and I had a classmate tell me that he was physically revolted by something I wrote but I definitely should keep up with it.

From there things came naturally. I wanted to be a writing coach because I to write but most of all I love being able to help others realise how fun writing is.

What is your proudest moment?

When my clients just get it. I can see that moment where it snaps on and my clients are like I totally know what you mean now, and it’s such a high to be able to watch them get to that point.

What was the first product you ever sold?

My editing services to a friend! It was probably my proudest moment and also my defining moment. I learned through his project that I was seriously underselling myself!

What are your goals for the future? What do you hope to achieve?

I’m hoping to have a successful business, where I can help and men, alike, write and get on track but mostly I really want to get published. I want to hold my novel, physically in my hand, in all it’s glory and beauty.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

Don’t give up. Keep your chin up no matter what.

Any advice for others wanting to get into your field?

Start reading. Read like it’s going out of fashion and then keep reading and then try writing. Write until your fingers are numb and you can’t remember what real life feels like or that you need to wash your hair or have a shower, because it’ll make you a better writer and your writing will thank you for it later.

Now for some random questions…

If you were the god/ of anything, what would it be?

Oh, I this! I love Persephone, but the whole being kidnapped and tricked by an uncle really is terrifying…so perhaps Artemis. I really do love finding my way around a bow and arrow…

What would your animal form be?

Cat. 110% my animal form would be a cat, they have the best lives, they get to sleep, eat and get cuddles. It’s great.

Do you have any fun quirks?

I have to listen to music when I’m writing or I can’t concentrate. It’s the same with my reading. Everyone thinks I’m crazy!

Do you collect anything?

Notebooks…seriously, the prettier the better, I’m terrified of using them so I just collect them. And they gather dust. Although sometimes I do forget I’m collecting them and use them! Ha!

And finally; time for a shameless plug:

If you want to work with me as either an editing client or a writing client, head over to

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