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I was first introduced to Yinsey’s work through our mutual friend Jun and I instantly fell in love with her creative, gorgeous style, and emotion she brings to every shoot. We started talking, and I approached her with the idea about taking part in an interview, and she said yes! I am so happy she did because this interview is an absolutely wonderful example of why I set out to do these in the first place. Yinsey’s experience is truly inspiring, and I hope you enjoy reading her interview as much as I did!

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The Interview

Hi Yinsey, please tell us a bit about yourself!

I am a lawyer by profession and a dreamer at heart. I find fulling the intellectual of a law career and the constantly changing landscape, as well as the resilience it helps me acquire when staffed on challenging projects. As regards my other interests, I adore getting creative, whether that’s through singing, painting, modelling and/or writing. Also, one thing I cannot live without is travelling, particularly to ancient ruins and with my other half who is an archaeologist (so he always has the best stories!).

How did you get into the creative field?

I need balance in my life so in a way, I found myself going through different phases of doing creative things. In high school, I was known for constantly doodling and drawing my own manga comics. By the time I was in university, I was getting involved in fashion-related projects and a few artsy clubs as well. I invested in my development as a hobbyist creative by aiming to work with some of my favourite photographers and models to create photographic pieces. Next thing you know, I had a portfolio going and I’ve been creating ever since! 

How many years have you been doing it?

Getting creative, since I was little! 

What does your mean to you?

I cannot emphasise enough how it helps me de-stress from my normal day job. When creating with others, modelling incredible armour or beautifully intricate pieces, I feel transformed away from the everyday! Indulging in a bit of escapism once in a while has a lot of wonderful benefits for the soul – I feel more complete as a person and happier with my sense of being that I am able to use my imagination for something different and out of the ordinary.

What was the first time you realised that was what you wanted to do?

I don’t think I really “realised” that I wanted to do it – I just went for it because it looked fun and enjoyable!

What is your proudest moment?

There are too many. The fact that such amazing people would actually want to work with me makes me super proud of where I’ve come (although I do get a lot of pangs of impostor syndrome… but I am not complaining at the least)! Just to name a few (and the list goes on!), I adore the work of and I have managed to collaborate with Bella Kotak, Lillian Liu, Pratik Naik, Ella Sadika, Bowen Dryden, Xiaolin Design, Jo Fleming, Mi In Makeup, Shirley Ho Makeup, Jevgenija, Hysteria Machine and NEWO Imagery. It’s honestly a dream come true to work with such mega talents – and there are of course more! I am also pretty pleased when a collaboration of ours gets published. Nothing beats flicking through a glossy magazine and thinking, wow, this is our work!

What are your for the future? What do you hope to achieve?

An aspiration of mine is to keep developing and growing, and add to the list of creatives that I’ve worked with. I think I have sort of become addicted to organising fun shoots and I am getting hungrier for the opportunity to make them even more ambitious and exciting – particularly so that they incorporate historic elements and fantastical aspects.

What was the best advice you were ever given?

It’s not a race, do things at your own pace. 

Any advice for others wanting to get into your hobby?

I think when it comes to doing anything, I would say if you really want to do something, just go for it. Don’t do things because you’re good at them, do things because you feel good doing them. If you truly love something, you’ll keep working at it and you’ll get better as a result (practice makes perfect, afterall)!

In terms of getting into creative works, i.e. modelling, I would say try and think what else you can bring to the table. Reach out to people with your unique ideas for a collaboration and remember the worst that can happen is that they will say no. Do it respectfully, and earnestly, people can sniff out genuineness even via social media. Also, do not be afraid to invest in your hobby, if you really want to shoot with a specific creative and you are owning the project, it really should be paid for. If it is collaborative in a true sense (no one’s vision trumps someone else’s), then it makes sense if it is done on a mutually-beneficial basis. Lots of photographers, makeup artists and designers, etc., have reasonable rates for people starting out to build their portfolios in any case! 

Now for some random questions…

If you were the god/goddess of anything, what would it be?

I’d like to think wisdom (mad love for Athena/Minerva), but I think probably more likely to be the goddess of project management and organisational skills – haha! The lawyer in me…

What would your animal form be?

Ideally I would like to be a dragon, but if we’re talking existing animals, I think realistically I would probably be a bumblebee. I am hard working, resilient and generally easy going – but can take out that sting if needed, mwahah!

Do you have any fun quirks?

I am prone to giggle-fits. 

Do you collect anything?

Random antiques! I have poor self-control at antique stores and thrift markets…!

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Over to You

A massive thank you again to Yinsey for taking part in this interview! Please do check out Yinsey’s website to read about her adventures and get to know her more. I would also suggest following her delightful Instagram account where she regularly posts new photos from shoots!

The is often one completely shrouded in mystery to me, so this interview really offered me some inspiration.

How familiar with the are you?

Do you prefer to be behind the lens or in front of it?

Do you have a professional’s work that you follow?

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