Here we go!

Here we go! After many days the is now complete, one day before I am due to see my advisor at the University. I’ve enrolled in classes, and hopefully, she won’t disapprove of them. I think that English Lit, Scottish Lit and Celtic Civilisations is a nice mixture that compliments one another – and fitting for someone who wishes to teach English Literature in Scotland. I am also hoping to finally find out where my classes will be located, at present my timetable simply says ‘TBA’, which is not particularly helpful. My fiance, Chris, has been to University prior to now studying Game Design at Caledonian, so he is my tour guide. Unfortunatly he can’t ‘guide’ me to my classes when I have no idea where they will be held.

Chris isn’t my only advantage to this second visit to University, the first visit concluding in a 2.1 degree in History of Art from the University of Leeds. That was a terrifying experience, my first time away from home and my first time doing many things. This time, however, things are very much different. My circumstances for one are entirely different; I am already established in and have been for almost 3 years now. I know the city itself fairly well, and at least this time I don’t need to worry about what bus or train I need to get to campus; I already know and have previously used the travel system on my own.  I have friends and family here for support. I am therefore able to avoid the ‘big move’ to a new home, or the scary possibility of living in halls. It does mean that I am going to miss out on some of the fun and quick friendships made by those in halls, something I’ve already tried to counteract by making friends via with new students studying the same courses as myself.

There are smaller things that are different as well; for example, I have a smartphone, an 3gs to be specific for those who wish to know. I have already found so many uses for it for University and I haven’t even started yet! Namely I have my google calendar synced with my phone, so I can easily find the times, dates and locations for Freshers’ week events and my classes. UCAS were also offering an app for free called ‘iStudiez Pro’, which I decided to give a go and it seems quite helpful. To top it all off, even my University has it’s own iPhone app. It isn’t the best app ever and the maps aren’t easy to use, however, it’s still pretty damn handy having a portable map of the campus which points out useful things such as places to eat, compared with the usual flappy bit of paper that usually gets lost after a few days. Plus of course, the majority, if not all, Universities offer free wifi so I have easy access instead of needing to queue in a lab to just check something quickly in my email.

I probably sound extremely confident, and being a second time I guess I am in some ways. I know I can complete another degree, I had more issues personally and health wise the first time around, so I am ready to work my ass off and get this one completed. However, I won’t lie; I am also terrified. I want to be more involved with people this year and much less of a recluse, although the old worry of ‘will they like me’ is still lingering. I have a lot more classes and work than my previous degree, so naturally I worry about being able to handle the work load. I’m not stressing too much about these worries, they are perfectly natural and my advice to first time students; everyone is in the same boat and feels the same way. Don’t worry and don’t be afraid to ask for help.

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