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As my instagram followers know I’ve been obsessed with the new Hogwarts Mystery game so when I started seeing Harry Potter bits while searching for Disney last month I knew I’d found this month’s Geek on the High Street theme! Unsurprisingly since it’s a British based Fandom it’s pretty much everywhere these days and as we get closer to the next Fantastic Beast film more and more things are popping up in the shops. So here’s some of my favourite picks!

Don’t forget to check out the pinterest board below to see the rest of the goodies I found 🙂


George at Asda

George at Asda has a few bits and bobs including this Harry Potter Glitter Slogan T-Shirt which features one of the most famous from the franchise. This cute Pyjama Shirt and Shorts set has a very classy look about it, and is much more subtle in it’s design. Finally something a wee bit cheeky, but I had to include them as they’re just awesome; a pair of Gryffindor Knickers.




is newcomer to Geek on the High Street, and while it’s not quite gotten to fashion items yet I’ll accept accessories and be happy at the progress! They have some great Harry Potter bags, and I’m a total sucker for tote bags so I’m in love with this Hogwarts Crest tote bag and Voldemort tote bag. There’s a few more bags on the pinterest board, however, this Hogwarts Crest Print Backpack really stood out as it’s a different style from what you normally see. These are probably official merchandise, however, it’s still great to be able to pop into a store in your local area and check them out instead of having to hunt down a stockist or order online.


Sports Direct

Despite Fantastic Beasts being the lastest addition to the franchise, Sports Direct was the only place where I found anything dedicated to it. They had the official Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them film logo t-shirt and then this quirky Witches Live Among Us! t-shirt which I think is great. They also had two other official available; a Hogwarts t-shirt and a Gryffindor t-shirt.


Wait, does clothes? No, you’ve not missed anything. They don’t sell clothes, but what they do sell is jewellery and they have an abundance of Harry Potter jewellery! As with the Sports Direct it is the official merchandise, however, being able to pop into your local Argos (FYI for you non-Brits out there Argos stores are really common) and actually hold the product in your hand before buying is a luxury most geeks don’t usually get. There are loads and loads of bits available. I didn’t even pin every single item on the pinterest board as I would have been there all afternoon 😛 So what I did do was pin one of each and from what I could see there’s at least two types of necklaces, a charm, a set of and possibly a keyring for each available.

These are my favourites from the bunch! 1. Ravenclaw Pendant, 2. Hedwig Necklace, 3. Love Potion Slider Charm, 4. Sorting Hat Earrings. 5. Sterling Silver Lightning Bolt Crystal Pendant (this bad boy is much more extravagant than the others and costs a mighty £59.99 compared to £9.99 for other pendants) and 6. Something a little different; Deathly Hallows Watch.



You know how the saying goes; saving the best for last and I have. When Primark launched their Harry Potter range everyone heard about it, geeks and all. It hit the papers, the national news, everything. I’d heard of it – as I said, it was difficult to miss – but due to illness I’d never actually seen it. Well now that Primark have updated their website I’ve seen it and woah, mumma. I can see why people went crazy. It is a thing of beauty. Now I just wish they would do it for every franchise! It was incredibly hard to just pick a handful of items for this post so I limited myself to six. Pretty much half the pinterest board is Primark stuff so head over there and check it out now!

They’ve got some nifty pyjama sets including this Hufflepuff Pyjama Set, Hufflepuff’s rejoice there’s a set dedicated just to you. It’s often the most overlooked house so it was nice to see them getting recognition! These Navy Harry Potter Pumps were among a few pairs of shoes I saw on Primark and they were the only store to have anything in the footwear category. They have a wide range of jewellery and accessories, including house sets like this Slytherin Jewellery Set and other themed ones like this Blue Potion Jewellery Set. And then there’s this super adorable Gryphon Keyring which I’m totally in love with! There’s a whole set of keyrings and badges of magical creatures/fantastic beasts in this style and they’re all so cute!


Over to You

Have you checked out Primark’s Harry Potter products in store? Do you own any?

What’s the best Harry Potter fashion item you’ve seen in a store? (UK high street store or otherwise!)

Do you look for Harry Potter items on the high street or only online?


Let me know in the comments, and don’t forget to tell me what your favourite items are from this months Geek on the High Street!

Calling all Potterheads! Delve into the world of Hogwarts and find out what Harry Potter fashion is available on the UK high street right now.

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  1. I know what you mean about Primark and Harry Potter, the range is amazing. I which they would do the same for Star Wars!

    1. Yes! They really do need to do more geeky ranges. I think Harry Potter was easier for them since it’s more of a British based brand? Not sure they’d be able to get their mitts on Star Wars and things, but certainly there has to be some others they can do too 🙂

    2. They have some Star Wars stuff (and have even done great Marvel stuff for men). Just not in the scale of the Harry Potter range. Plus they clearly have a deal with Disney judging by all the Beauty & the Beast stuff last year.

  2. The buckbeak key chain is adorable!

    1. I know right?! I collect keyrings as well and I NEED that one in my collect so badly.

  3. Damn! I need everything xDDDD Don’t make me go to Primark again xDDDD I recently bought an Elder’s wand because I plan to create my own cosplay, and this is tempting me xDDDDD Jeeeez… temptress!

    1. Do you mean the big Primark store in London? If so these were all sourced from Primark’s website so they should be available in your local store 😀 And I can’t wait to see that cosplay!

    2. Do you mean the big Primark store in London? If so these were all sourced from Primark’s website so they should be available in your local store 😀 And I can’t wait to see that cosplay!

    3. Yup :p I know, if I go to Primark in Brighton I’ll end up with more HP stuff xDDDDD more if it’s Slytherin 😮 My Cosplay will be simple, but I want to add some HP stuff on it 😉 My target is to use it for Halloween and MCM London Comic Con :p

  4. The buckbeak key chain is adorable!

  5. There are no stores that carry HP merchandise where I live, so I’m used to only seeing stuff like this online. So when I was in London a few months ago, I spent waaaaay too much time in Primark’s Harry Potter section. It was amazing!

    1. I got the notification for your comment and it made me both happy and sad! You pretty much hit the nail on the head for why I started Geek on the High Street in the first place, so I was like, yey! And I’m so glad you got to experience the London store. I’ve personally not been to it yet. Despite being a Londoner, I tend to avoid central London as much as possible (I’m from south east London, so about 30 mins on the train from the centre) as the hustle and bustle is just a bit too much for me just now. Hopefully as my health continues to improve I can plan a trip because that store is definitely on the list!

      Then i was sad because I know you’re not in the UK and I wish I could make a version that worked for you (and everyone!) too! Maybe a special international series one time? I think I forsee a one year ‘anniversary’ or something happening 😉

    2. I’ve only been to London twice in my life but it’s been enough to teach me that Oxford street is to be avoided during peak hours, haha! I hope you get better and can go visit the Primark store irl soon, they had so much stuff!

      An international series – or just a one-time post – would be fun! 😀

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