Zodiac Series - Vibrant Gifts for Virgo Women!

So it turns out that picking alliteration for your titles when there is a Zodiac beginning with V is really bad planning, especially when that star sign’s style is the total opposite of vibrant! /facepalm

Lesson learned! Hopefully, we can agree that the gifts for Virgo women in the gift guide segment at least qualify 😉  As always please remember to check out the Pinterest board for more style inspirarion and gifts for Virgo Women!

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About the Zodiac Sign Virgo

Symbol: The Maiden
Element: Earth
Ruling Planet:  Mercury
Physical Attributes: Stomach, waist, digestive system  1
Traits: Organized, Thoughtful, Observant
Colours: Dark Brown, Navy Blue, Cream
Fashionable Virgos: Rachel Bilson, Blake Lively, Nicole Richie 2

The ever-observant Virgo expresses their thoughtfulness through their style, College fashion explains, and are experts at paying attention to detail. They always look polished even in casual outfits, and while they love to explore new styles they will often pair something adventurous with a classic piece. Who What Wear says that although Virgos are the neatest of the Zodiac signs this doesn’t necessarily extend to their wardrobe and they’re known to look great in low key boho staples like maxi dresses.

When it comes to makeup Virgos are the queens of the fresh-faced look, and Star Sign Style suggests adding a pop of colour with eyeshadow in earthy shades such as terracotta, cream, golden wheat, and pale greens. As Virgos are a fan of the less is more approach to make up for lips their everyday choice is a nude with a plum shade for night time. Star Sign Style also warns that the perfectionist in a Virgo means that their hair has to be on the mark every day, and they can channel their symbol of the Maiden by accessorizing with flowers, wheat and berries.

To help you stick to your low maintenance make up routine Miss Malini has a great tip for Virgos; invest in lightweight powder to dust your face, preventing shine and smoothing out your skin. Then dab on some creamy rose blush for a splash of colour without being too overbearing and accentuate your cheekbones. She also suggests using your affinity for earthy tones to your advantage by swapping out your black eyeliner for brown. For nails Miss Malini says that Virgos can be a bit conflicted; they love the perfect classy look of a French Manicure but can’t help but be drawn to a stunning sapphire shade either.


  1. Virgo Sign Necklace, £10.66 by LembergLeatherShop.
  2. Boho Style Virgo Zodiac Earrings, £9.69 by SnuggleBuggleCrochet.
  3. Virgo Necklace, £34.99 from Orbis London.
  4. Virgo Earrings, £21.99 from Orbis London.
  5. Personalised Virgo Charm Bracelet, £22.00 from Not on the High Street.


  1. Black and Gold Virgo Maiden T-Shirt, £14.79 by VenusandMoon.
  2. Virgo Virgin Sleeveless Top, £20.00 by meghanmarie.
  3. Virgo Tank Top, £18.90 by DentzDenim.
  4. Virgo Off the Shoulder Top, £24.23 by ZodiaTees.
  5. Virgo Territory Embroidered Hoodie, $48.00 from Dolls Kill.

  1. Zodiac Virgo Fairy Handmade Soap, £6.39 by egbhouse.
  2. The Virgo Eyeshadow, £6.00 from Colour Pop Cosmetics.
  3. Virgo Eyeshadow Palette, $29.99 from Zodiac Cosmetics
  4. My Sign Eyeshadow, £1.50 from Revolution Beauty.
  5. Spectrum Earth Signs Brush Set, £49.99 from Look Fantastic.


  1. Virgo Moon Notebook, £3.50 by BalticMoonUK.
  2. Virgo Zodiac Planner Sticker Set, £10.50 by Yourworldofcolour.
  3. Oh Deer Virgo Notebook, £10.00 from Urban Outfitters.
  4. Josephine Wall Virgo Foiled Journal, £7.18 from The Book Depository.
  5. Watcolour Virgo Journal, £5.70 from The Book Depository.

Cutie Patootie

  1. Virgo Chibi Dragon T-Shirt, £14.79 by samlutzart.
  2. Virgo Chibi Cosmic Animal Charm, £9.82 by ShinePawArt.
  3. Felt Virgo Doll keychain, £10.52 by FeltAlchemist.
  4. Virgo Horoscope Enamel Pin, £8.33 by melmacklin.
  5. Pawsitivity Virgo Journal, £7.39 from The Book Depository.


  1. Virgo Gothic Tote Bag, £12.94+ by BrzgoodArts.
  2. Virgo Zodiac Ornament, £53.46 from Neiman Marcus.
  3. Personalised Engraved Zodiac Flower Pot, £40.00 from Not on the High Street.
  4. Virgo: Your Cosmic Colouring Book, £7.62 from The Book Depository.
  5. Virgo Weekly and Monthly 2020 Planner, £10.57 from The Book Depository.

Over to You

Are you a Virgo or do you have a Virgo woman in your life? Are there any gifts for Virgo women here or on the Pinterest board that caught your eye? Have you ever bought a zodiac specific gift for someone? Let me know in the comments!

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Image Credits: Zodiac brushes by Sabriena.

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