A zodiac gift guide with style advice to help the boldest zodiac sign shine! Find the best gifts for Leo women that appeal to their love for dramatic colours.

Leo your zodiac gift guide is finally here and it comes with a monster Pinterest board filled with more glorious ideas for for Leo women  so don’t forget to check it out!

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About the Zodiac Sign Leo

Symbol: The Lion
Element: Fire
Ruling Planet: Sun
Physical Attributes: Heart, upper back, spine  1
Traits: Courageous, Spontaneous, Confident
Colours: Orange, Gold, Yellow
Fashionable Leos: Taylor Momsen, Anna Kendrick, Demi Lovato 2

It’s no surprise that the most confident sign of the zodiac has a bold style that reflects their nature. College fashion informs us that Leo’s style is all about bold patterns, big jewellery and sequins. Their symbol the Lion shines through in their love for animal prints, and they’re also not ones for skimping on prices either; it’s got to be exclusives or designer labels for a Leo. Their desire for designer names and bold looks goes hand in hand with Leo’s need to be the centre of attention according to Who What Wear. They suggest aiming for dramatic hues in red, gold, and black to really grab the spotlight.

As the sign ruled by the Sun Leo’s look majestic in the warmer metallic shades such as gold and bronze, Star Sign Style advises, so using bronzers with a hint of gold provide a subtle gilded shimmer. With their symbol as the Lion, Leo’s look fantastic with a cat flick eyeliner look to accentuate their eyes. Star Sign Style recommends a bright red hue for lips, or for those who prefer a subtler shade a nude with a golden shimmer. For the finishing touch to any outfit remember that Leo is the most lavish of all the star signs; go gold, and go bold!

It’s all about the smokey eye, says Miss Malini, which compliment fire signs such as Leos. For nails, naturally, it’s metallic gold polish to keep you on-trend while remaining sophisticated.

Leo Jewellery

  1. Sterling Silver Leo earrings, £66.97 By NetaGilboa.
  2. Leo Zodiac Interchangeable Charm Necklace, $9.90 from Hot Topic.
  3. Leo Spinning Pendant Necklace, £39.00 from Victoria Emerson.
  4. Gold Leo Zodiac Pendant Necklace, £3.30 from Claire’s.
  5. Leo Zodiac Ring, $192.50 from Littman Jewellers.


  1. Oleg Cassini Leo the Lion Sequin Sweater, £65.35 from Etsy.
  2. Leo Jacket, £48.37 by WalterMundayClothing.
  3. Leo Sleeveless Top, £22.17 by Hannah Ploechi.
  4.  Ethnic Blue Lion A-Line Dress, £43.33 by Maverickinfanta.
  5. Eternal Leo’s Inferno Tank Top, £12.00 from Dolls Kill.


  1. Leo Trio, $27.00 from Floss Gloss.
  2. Leo Nail Polish, $6.00 from KL Polish.
  3. Leo Gold Eyeshadow, £5.65 by IncantoCosmetics.
  4. Leo Matte Lip Kit, $29.00 from Kylie Cosmetics.
  5. RUDE® No Regrets! 28 Excuses Eyeshadow Palette Leo Shimmer, $15.00 from Beauty Joint.


  1. The Lion Leo Zodiac Recycled Paper Notebook, £5.00 from Not on the High Street.
  2. Gold Leo Lion Hardcover Journal, £14.00 by VenusandMoon.
  3. Leo Notebook, £5.68 from The Book Depository.
  4. leo Watercolour Notebook, £5.59 from The Book Depository.
  5. Leo velvet Notebook, $16.95 from New York & Company.

Cutie Patootie

  1. Kawaii Leo Stud Earrings, £6.66 by ArtGalleryAU.
  2. Crochet Leon the Lion, £10.09 by MilliesCrochetHouse.
  3. Pawsitively Leo Journal, £7.39 from The Book Depository.
  4. Leo Zodiac notebook, £6.54 from The Book Depository.
  5. Leo Print, $15.00 from Nicole Marie Paperie.


  1. Leo Tote Bag, £13.42 by TYillustrations.
  2. Leo Lion Constellation dotwork painting, £24.21 by mentecreations.
  3. Leo Zodiac Mug, £10.41 by Heather Rosas.
  4. Gold Leo Zodiac Flowers Samsung Galaxy Case, £19.45 by VenusandMoon.
  5. Leo Weekly and Monthly Planner, £10.63 from The Book Depository.

Over to You

Are you a Leo or do you have a Leo woman in your life? Are there any for Leo women here or on the Pinterest board that caught your eye? Have you ever bought a zodiac specific gift for someone? Let me know in the comments!

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A zodiac gift guide with style advice to help the boldest zodiac sign shine! Find the best gifts for Leo women that will appeal to their love of dramatic colours.

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Image Credits: Zodiac brushes by Sabriena.

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