Zodiac Series - Creative Gifts for Cancer Women!

Sorry for the delay my dear Cancers – the Cancer Zodiac guide is here at last! It has been a very hectic time and it’s been far too long since I was able to work on this series. I’m back with not one, but several guides as the gift guide for Leos and Virgos are on the way too! That will bring me up to date and the Zodiac series will be resuming its regular monthly schedule.

If you’ve missed any of the previous Zodiac Gift Guides then head over to the brand new Zodiac series hub to check them out.

I’ve changed a few things around with the formatting to help make the guides less time-intensive. As much as I’d love to write a detailed description of why I’ve chosen each product every time it actually takes a lot of energy out of me. Each item selected for this guide has been hand-picked by me because it corresponds to the style guide for that particular Zodiac.

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About the Zodiac Sign Cancer

Symbol: The Crab
Element: Water
Ruling Planet:  Moon
Physical Attributes:  Chest, stomach 1
Traits: Patient, Creative, Compassionate
Colours: Silver, Pearl White, Pastels
Fashionable Cancers: Diane Kruger, Jessica Simpson, Selena Gomez 2

There’s no putting a label on a Cancer’s style, College fashion tells us, as they dress according to their mood and that means their style is forever changing. Instead, they tend to have more personal reasons for buying an item; they’re drawn to that have a story behind them. This makes them a big fan of vintage and clothing and accessories. They also tend to lean towards clothing that is both traditional and feminine with lots of soft details; a classic example of this is jeans and a top. Who What Wear agrees with College Fashion’s advice regarding vintage fashion, explaining that it appeals to a Cancer’s sentimental side. They also suggest switching up your jewellery preferences and trying out silver.

Take inspiration from your ruling planet the Moon is Star Sign Style’s big tip for a Cancer’s make up style. They say that it’s all about the greys, silver and dusky pinks and browns to compliment your eyes. For and cheeks, they say to take inspiration from your symbol the Crab and grab some coral for a soft feminine look. To emphasise your luminous skin add a touch of highlighter, Star Sign Style advises, and never turn down the chance to accessorize with your lovely stone the pearl.

For nails, Miss Malini lists feminine shades such as coral, melon, lilacs, and pinks as the best choices for a Cancer.

Cancer Jewellery

  1. Personalised Cancer Zodiac Birthstone Necklace, £49.00 from Not on the High Street.
  2. Moody AF Cancer Necklace, £12.00 from Dolls Kill.
  3. Turquoise zodiac Cancer earrings, £4.21 by TheDivasDynamicDeals.
  4. Cancer Crab Zodiac Pendant, £21.99 from Rebels Market.
  5. Cancer sun and moon zodiac Bracelet, £14.64 + by PawtasticDesignsGems.


  1. Tommy X Zendaya Cancer T-Shirt, £45.00 from La Redoute.
  2. Vintage Zodiac Cancer Women’s Tee, £38. 71 by SittingontheSun2.
  3. Zodiac Cancer Scarf, £54.70 by EmeraldCloud.
  4. Cancer Fitted Scoop T-Shirt, £18.00 by kudostees.
  5. Cancer Zodiac Constellation and Crystal Pattern Leggings, £38.50 by VenusandMoon.


  1. Cancer Zodiac Eyeshadow, $6.00 from Geek Chic Cosmetics.
  2. The Cancer Bundle, $12.00 from Colour Pop Cosmetics.
  3. Solid Perfume: Zodiac Collection-Wate, £6.73 by BeeVocativeFragrance
  4. Manic Paniscopes – Cancer, $25.00 from Manic Panic.
  5. Cancer/Birthstone Starsign Nail Polish, £8.41 by MsSparkleBoutique.


  1. Personalised Cancer Zodiac Birthsign Notebook, £15.00 from Not on the High Street.
  2. Cancer Leather Zodiac Notebook, $35.00 from Rustico.
  3. Cancer Zodiac Stationery, $35.80 from Paper Source.
  4. Cancer Constellations Notebook, £4.00 from Urban Outfitters.
  5. Cancer Zodiac Hardcover Journal, £14.00 by VenusandMoon.

Cutie Patootie

  1. Made to order Zodiac Cancer Bookmark, £2.79 by ribonitachocolat.
  2. Cancer Zodiac Sticker, £1. 68 by amethysttagney.
  3. Little Cancer Mug, £10.41 by Hallyver.
  4. Cancer Dragon Zodiac T-Shirt, £25.99 by Lexa Strong.
  5. Catsu the Cat Cancer Zodiac Pin, €10.00 from Catsu the Cat.


  1. Hand-painted Cancer seashell wall hanging, £19.36 by SheilasGardenGirls.
  2. Cancer: Your Cosmic Colouring Book, $14.99 from Indigo.
  3. Cancer Zodiac Galaxy Night Light, £10.60 by FigmationDesign.
  4. Cancer Black Mug, £8.96 by FlashbackFinds.
  5. Cancer Star Sign Indoor Flowering Bonsai Tree, £44.99 from Bonsai Direct.

Over to You

Are you a Cancer or do you have a Cancer woman in your life? Is there anything here or on the Pinterest board that caught your eye? Have you ever bought a zodiac specific gift for someone? Let me know in the comments!

The Cancer Zodiac gift guide and style guide is here, bringing you creative gifts that appeal to their sentimental nature.

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Image Credits: Zodiac Brushes by Sabriena, Background image from Public Domain Images..

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