For me a big part of being a geek is the fandoms I belong to and this page is dedicated to them. You’ll find a list of fandoms I belong to and ships for each of them.

You may also want to take a peek at what I’m currently watching and reading, as each contains a list of completed series too.



Tortall (Tamora Pierce), Otherworld (Kelley Armstrong), Harry Potter (J K Rowling), Guardians of Time (Marianne Curley), Old Magic (Marriane Curley), Dresden Files (Jim Butcher), The Olympians (Rick Riordan), Mercy Thompson (Patricia Briggs).


Doctor Who, Torchwood, Sarah Jane Adventures,  Red Dwarf, Sanctuary, Smallville, Supernatural, Warehouse 13,  Stargate: SG-1, Crime shows.


Video Games

Dragon Age, Guild Wars.



Star Wars, Warcraft, DC Comics.

My Fandom Ships

My Fandom Ships

This is a list of the relationships I like in particular fandoms aka the couples I ship. Some of these are relationships that happened in the past or are relationships between one character and several others

Mara Jade / Luke
Leia / Han
Jaina / Jag
Jacen / Tenal Ka
Lando / Tendra
Corran / Mirax
Aayla Secura/Kit Fitso

Anita Blake Vampire Hunter

(All for different reasons, I believe that they all work together and need each other for different reasons)
Anita / Jean-Claude
Anita / Richard
Anita / Micah
Anita / Asher
Anita / Nathaniel

Merry Gentry

Merry / Frost
Merry / Doyle
Merry / Rhys
Merry / Mistral

Kushiel Legacy/Imriel’s series (Jacqueline Carey)

Phedre / Joscelin
Imriel / Lucius
Imriel / Sidonie

Tortall Series (Tamora Pierce)

Alanna / George
Alanna / Jon
Daine / Numair
Raoul / Buriram
Kel / Dom
Alianne / Nawat

Harry Potter Series (J K Rowling)

Harry / Ginny
Hermione / Ron
Lupin / Tonks

Marianne Curley’s books

Old Magic – Kate / Rhauk
Guardians of Time Trilogy – Neriah / Matt
Guardians of Time Trilogy – Ethan / Rochelle

L.J.Smith’s books

Night World – Ash / Mary-Lynette
Night World – Rashel / Quinn
Night World – Morgead / Jez
Secret Circle – Cassie / Adam
Secret Circle – Cassie / Nick
Secret Circle – Nick / Diana
Dark Visions – Caitlin / Gabriel
Vampire Diaries – Elena/Damon

Black Jewels Trilogy (Anne Bishop)

Jaenelle / Daemon
Lucivar / Marian

Black Magician Trilogy (Trudi Canavan)

Sonea / Akkarin
Dannyl / Tayend


Veressa Windrunner/Rhonin
Alleria Windrunner/Turalyon





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