Geeking by in May & June

It’s that time again and it’s a short one as not much has been happening. May was quite a difficult month, especially towards the end, which was why I chose to skip the end of the month update at the time. I wasn’t in a good place at all; my mental health was all over the place and I was dealing with a lot of personal stuff. As a result I referred myself to another health service as the previous one has a massive waiting list. I can technically refer myself to a third if I wish, however, I keep putting the call off and it’ doesn’t just feel like good ol’ procrastination. So I’m sticking with my intuition and leaving it as the two of them.

As a result June ended up being a month of healing, and putting good practises into place. At the time it felt like I wasn’t getting any where. I felt like every day was a constant struggle, however, now I as I look back over the two months together I actually feel a sense of calm. I still have a way to go and until I get professional help I need to remain vigilant.

I’ve been making a changes to my daily routine, and socially. I’m letting old wounds heal, noticing unhealthy relationships/acquaintances and not worrying about the small things; like people not following me back on social media. I’m taking back control of my life, owning what I have and being grateful for it.

One of the things I’ve done to take back some control is actually really simple:

Red tape on my desk organiser

It’s putting red washi tape on the weeks when I know my hormones will be fluctuating and thus, so will my moods. With the amount of tablets I take daily it’s not always as simple as seeing where I am in my cycle on the pill packet. Since my daily organiser sits in front of me it’s a constant visual reminder that my moods may be off and that the possibility of brain fog is higher right now. And it seems to be working! If I find myself getting irritated at something, and I catch the red out of the corner of my eye it’s enough to pull myself back and take that deep breath.

Blogger Blitz Competition - Shipping Wars!

Blogging & all that Jazz

Blog wise I’ve been ticking things off my to do list, getting stuff caught up and freeing myself up to do new things at last! I’ll be getting back to some of my regular series as well as some new projects here at Just Geeking By.

I’m helping out as a judge at this year’s Blogger Blitz which I’m supper excited about 😀 The theme is Shipping Wars which is something close to my heart as I am a massive fandom shipper.

It was also announced earlier this month that I’ll be taking part in the next collaboration by Normal Happenings – The Characters that Define Us! A follow on from last year’s collaboration The Games that Define Us, this one is bigger and better and take up an entire year. That does mean you’ll need to wait until 2020 to read everyone’s entries, however, I can let you know which character I am writing about:

My entry for the Characters That Define Us - Jaina Proudmoore from World of Warcraft!

I thought this character might seem like an unlikely choice, however, I’ve had someone tell me ‘of course, it would be Jaina!’ which really warmed my heart! It was a much more difficult choice for me but I kept coming back to her until I knew without a doubt that Jaina was the character that defines me. You’ll have to wait until next year to find out more ;)⠀

Over to You

I’d like to say thank you to everyone who has been supporting me on this long journey. The one thing that helps people with mental illness going is those tweets, messages and comments – those things just knowing that someone somewhere cares about what you’re doing and that you still exist. So thank you <3

How have you last few months been?

Have you had a horrendous heatwave like we had here in the UK or nice weather?

Or is it winter where you are in the world?

Any plans? Or big blog news?

Let me know!

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  1. Sorry to hear your health hasn’t been great lately. Is the new service working better for you?

    It’s winter here. And it’s cold and rainy all the time.

    1. Thank you Louise <3 Sadly, still no service 🙁 The wait list for services tends to be at least 3-4 months so I know I've got a while to go yet.

      The weather has warmed up here, and it's ghastly! It's alternating between really warm and sunny, and wet and that awful sticky heat rather than cooling down.

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