Geeking by in March 2020
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Welcome to Geeking By in March, my monthly update post. Well, no one saw that month coming, did they? A part of me that’s not paralysed in terror at the thought of actually living through a worldwide is regarding this month’s update from a more academic point of view. Blogs aren’t just for reviewing products or promoting oneself as influencers; they’re a connection to other people. Right now in the middle of a crisis that connection is more important than anything. I’ve always been candid about my health and it’s even more important at the moment to let people know that they’re not alone. So over the next few months, I’m going to keep up to date with my Geeking By updates and I won’t be avoiding talking about COVID-19 or the effect it’s having on our life.

These posts won’t just be doom and gloom either. Life has changed but it continues, and it’s a hard lesson to learn, believe me, I know. As you’ll read further on I’m doing what I can to help give us all something else to focus on. I hope you’ll join me in some of the things I’ve got planned.

I’m going to try really hard not to make an entire entry out of this, and I’m purposely including this in a monthly update so I don’t dedicate a whole post to negativity. To say it’s been difficult is an understatement. I’ve been yo-yoing between paralysing terror, panic, frustration and anger. Both Chris and myself are in the increased risk group, as is my mum and his mum is 70 so also at risk. Due to our health conditions, we spend most of our time at home anyway so self-isolating is pretty much everyday life for us, however, the panic shopping at the start of the pandemic meant that we had to go out to get food in. It was one of the most terrifying experiences I have ever experienced. We’ve managed to avoid it so far and this week (*touch wood*) we managed to finally get a click and collect slot at our local supermarket. Not sure whether we’ll be able to get another one next week though.

When I’m able to put things out of my mind I’m ok, and then another day, like today, I’m flooded with panic or frustration. I’ve had several bad mental health days when everything has just gotten too much for me. A solution to a difficult situation had just been found before the pandemic started and things were looking really hopeful again, as I wrote in last months update. The pandemic has delayed that fix and I’m just beginning to feel completely trapped again, even more so now that a lockdown is in place. At least things are continuing to move even if at times they feel like they’re happening at a snail’s pace. 

I don’t know what the next month is going to be like. I’m keeping myself busy with things and doing my best to keep my mind of everything. All I can do is keep taking one day a time. That’s all any of us can do right now.

I have a sinus infection again

Do we actually need sinuses?

A rant brought to you by yet another sinus infection. I don’t have an actual tag for sinus infections, however, if you searched for it I’m sure a scary amount of posts would show up. The problem with sinuses is once you damage them they’re down for the count forever. About 13 years ago I had a really bad infection and the GP I was seeing at University in Leeds was terrible. They didn’t give me the proper treatment early enough and it ravaged my sinuses. Ever since then I’ve been prone to sinus infections and I developed rhinitis. Honestly, if there was a procedure to rip the damn things out I’d be first in line.

Instead every so often a nasty infection comes my way and it takes several courses of antibiotics to make the persistent bugger go away. Naturally, the latest one had to coincide with the pandemic. At least I went to see my GP at the start of March so I was able to get in touch with the doctors surgery and get a call from another doctor. When you describe how you’re feeling as ‘a hot poker being shoved down your face’ they are pretty speedy with a new dose of antibiotics! I’m just coming to the end of the second course now. Still feeling rough, but hoping I’m on the mend this time.

New Project Launched!

I talked about plans and things to keep people’s minds off what’s happening. I’ve been working on a big project for the last year and a half (I keep saying that because it’s true and it drove me nuts every time life delayed it) and since we were going to be away for all of April I got everything ready for May instead. Then stuff happened and our trip got cancelled, so I started to think, did I have enough time to get it launched for April instead?

Well, I did! Seriously Geeky Sundays launched on the 23rd of March and there have been two weeks now! The themes so far have been Beginnings and Easter and Spring and if you missed it, don’t worry because there’s plenty more to take part in 🙂 Next week the theme is Kings & Queens and I’m asking you to tell us about your favourite fictional royal characters and which royal residence you would love to live in? Join in the fun on Sunday 19th April and check back here to see my own answers!

May's Star Wars Challenge

On top of that, I’m also inviting everyone to join me for a Star Wars challenge in May. I added a bunch of Tags and Challenges to Just Geeking By in December and until now life has conspired to keep me from completing any of them. As it’s Star Wars Day on May 4th it seemed like a no-brainer to pick May as the month to complete the 30 Day Star Wars challenge I created.

If none of these tickles your fancy then check out the Blog Promotion section which is home to a bunch of links to help you promote your blog. As I’ve talked about before prompts, tags, challenges etc. are fantastic ways to promote your blog while creating content and having fun doing it! So if you’re looking for something to occupy your time or struggling with then take a ride down the rabbit hole and see where you end up!

And another one on hold

Last month I talked about getting two projects up and running, and the pandemic has made one happen early while putting the other on hold indefinitely. The Geek on the High Street Facebook group is based around the premise of people going out to their local stores and seeing/finding geeky women’s fashion. With so many countries in lockdown that’s pretty much impossible. While most of those stores have websites still open for delivery I don’t want the group to be half-functioning. It’ll be much better to just wait, however long that may be.

I had half begun working on another Facebook group which was self-sustainable and filled a gap I’d noticed. It’s for geeky and/or gaming referral links and invitations. I’m in other groups for referrals and they’re full of dodgy money-making/bitcoin schemes. There’s nowhere for gamers to share links for free trials, or special items in games. Maybe it will totally flop, or maybe it’ll work. I figured it’s worth a try.

Titans Season 2

Go Titans!

I finally caught up with Titans season 2 and loved it. I’m a big Krypto fan and seeing a live-action version of him was absolutely amazing. It was so much better than I expected it to be! I fell in love with Connor immediately, which was not a shock as I found myself doing just that in the comics too.  I enjoyed the character growth of all the characters in this season. It had just the right mix of everything.

The only thing that I wasn’t happy with was the choice of actor for and the age differences between the Bat Family in general. The ages are completely off. At the age Batman is the currently Robin should be Damien Wayne not Jason Todd, and the age gap between Jason and Dick should be a lot smaller. While I’m happy to see Jason Todd and his story I just don’t see why they had to make Bruce Wayne so much older.

The choice of actor, in my opinion, is completely wrong and I feel like they really just wanted to put a Game of Thrones actor in the role. I know Iain Glen has many more roles to his name, however, as a British actor, none of them will be known to most American viewers and Titans is an American show.  I don’t dislike Glen, he’s a good actor, however, this role doesn’t suit him. From his shoddy American accent that breaks into British to his less than suave persona, he just doesn’t have what it takes to play both the and the playboy billionaire sides of the character. His fight scenes are brilliant, but Bruce Wayne is a master actor in his own right and needs to be played by someone who can achieve that with ease. Glen just falls short.

There was one big plot hole that also bothered me, and this contains big spoilers so it’s under a tag.


The Aqualad episode was absolutely heartbreaking from start to finish because it was obvious that he would die at some point. There was no mention of him, only this big secret mess that the original Titans refused to talk about and as the episode continued the relationship between Garth and Donna sealed the deal for me. Even then it was still such a shocking thing to witness especially when it came out that he purposely moved to save someone’s life. He was truly a hero through and through.

The thing that bothered me about his death though was that the Justice League, and particularly his parents were MIA. The Titans, essentially a bunch of teenagers, were just left to find his killer. Obviously they weren’t going to find actors for them all just for one episode, however, there was ZERO mention of them. Aquaman is not the sort of man to just sit back and do nothing, and Mera’s temper is infamous. I just don’t see how it’s possible for the Titans to keep it hush hush long enough to get involved with Jericho to get to his father without anyone else finding out. was keeping tabs on Dick and his friends the whole time and it was unlikely that he didn’t know what had happened.

It’s simply lazy writing just so the could keep their own plot. They’ve got a lot of things right in the show, but just like the Bat Family ages, they seem to have a habit to bend things to fit their own plot just because it’s easier.


The Sandman Universe

My friend Haley has been on at me to read the Sandman comics for years. I tried a few years ago when I first started to get into comics and struggled with a different format. The Sandman series uses a variety of fonts long before accessibility was something to be considered. It also starts quite slow, so when I was new to comics I wasn’t prepared for either of these. I’ve been planning to give it another shot ever since and this time succeeded in getting past the first few issues.

I wasn’t feeling well enough to focus on books so I devoured the main Sandman series, then Overture, and the new Dreaming series that is currently running. The other series that Vertigo comics is currently running from the same universe is The Books of Magic series so I read the original series. I was surprised to find how extremely familiar it is to the Harry Potter series. The full name of the series is Timothy Hunter and the Books of Magic, and there are multiple similarities including that Harry is literally Tim’s twin. The Books of Magic were published 7 years before the first Harry Potter book so the plagiarism falls squarely on J K Rowling’s shoulders. It seems that Neil Gaiman and Vertigo comics chose to be the bigger people and let the similarities slide. I wonder if they would have if they had realised in 1997 just how huge the franchise would grow.

Over To You

Most of March didn’t really change for me as I spend most of my time at home. For once my lifestyle, one that was forced upon me by health conditions, has actually helped me adapt to the current situation. I know that it has not been as easy for everyone else and if sharing my own experiences will help please let me know. Please also reach out if you need someone to talk to.

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