Geeking by in July to September 2020
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The last few months have been rough so it’s a triple feature for this Geeking By update. This year has been hell for pretty much everyone and the closer we get to the end of it the worse it seems to be getting. July was a bottomless sea of fatigue, August I injured my wrist and was seriously wondering if I’d fractured it, and September has been a hodgepodge of everything. It’s been one thing after another with every week starring a new catastrophe.

Geeking By in July to September 2020

As you can imagine I’ve not been feeling so hot. My various health conditions have been vying for the top spot in the game of who’s going to torture Heather today. I feel like I’m fatigued all the time, and my pain levels from my hEDS have been going up. I thought that was due to me switching to the depo injection as it contained a higher level of estrogen. Estrogen makes women naturally more flexible and as people with EDS are already too flexible it means PMT is not fun.

I wasn’t just having higher pain levels each month; I was hyper-extending to the point that I seriously injured myself at the start of August. I helped hold something up and ended up seriously injuring my wrist. What I thought was just a sprain didn’t heal, it kept going for weeks which suggested something worse such as the tendons or even a fracture. I’d planned to get the nurse to check it at my next appointment but had to cancel it due to a migraine. Then a week after it started to heal. It still twinges now and again but seems to be fine.

But when I brought it up at my next appointment I found out that it doesn’t actually contain any! I hadn’t changed doses at all; I’ve been on the exact same dose. Naturally, both myself and the nurse were concerned so she spoke to my doctor to check if I could continue with the Depo injections. Thankfully I was ok to do so. If I hadn’t been I would have had a whole other problem because I’m on them to regulate my periods, and the pill isn’t an option as it triggers really bad migraines. For now, those are not something I need to worry about. When things settle down again I’ll talk to my doctor about seeing a specialist and we can look into why my hypermobility is flaring up, so, for now, I’m just keeping note of my symptoms.

Fatigue Flare up
Fatigue flare-ups are the worst.

In August I also ticked ‘get your head cut open by a cat falling on it’ off my bucket list too. George likes to sit on our headboard and watch us sleep. One night when I wasn’t feeling well and he was being a pest and not settling down. I went to do what I normally did in these instances and gave him a little nudge towards the end of the headboard. Normally he takes the hint, walks to the end and jumps off at a safe location. This time, however, he decided to freak out and half-jump half-fall onto my pillow where my head was laying. It hurt a lot, and I sat there for a while before realising that it was still hurting. I gingerly touched it and my fingers came away wet. I had to wake Chris up and the poor guy had to sit there for 10 minutes trying to stop the bleeding. The good news was that it was just superficial and it didn’t need stitches or anything. Brushing my hair for a few days was not fun because it was right next to my parting.

September has just been stressful; broken printer, problems around the house, worrying about my fiance, the cat being ill. You name it, it’s happened. I hurt my back insisting that Chris didn’t do something and hurt his back, which he very smugly told me ‘I told you so’ and then worryingly kept watch over me every time I got up during the night for the next few days in case I got stuck. Thankfully it wasn’t as bad as it felt when I did it and while it keeps tweaking if I move the wrong way or lift things, it seems to be ok. But once again, it’s another injury in such a short time which is rather worrying.

This has all been taking a toll on my mental health and for the most part, I’m managing. I have a social group every week which helps a lot. It’s laid back and easy-going, but just having actual contact with people again is really nice. I was surprised to find I’m the youngest in the group, and while there are some topics that I have no experience in (motherhood, for example) they’ve never once made me feel out of place, unwelcome or uncomfortable. As the group is confidential I won’t be talking about it other than this, but I will say that one of the participants has a dog named after so I’m in good company 🙂

Geeking By in July to September 2020

July was the second half of my Tag game which meant more blog tags as voted by you my lovely evil audience 😛 If you followed the voting on twitter you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you didn’t then lets just say there were multiple ties to the point where I started to wonder if I was being had 😛

Here are the rest of the tags from the tag game:

Other Posts from July are:

Due to my wrist injury August was mainly Seriously Geeky Sunday posts, with one exception; I took part in the Blaugust Promptapalooza hosted by Bel. While the injury kept me from joining in the rest of the prompts I was able to host day 14 with the topic “What are the things that get you excited in life?“.

This month I’ve slowly but surely been catching up on things. I wanted to ensure that I had a clean slate because next month I’ve got another 30 day challenge going on (see below for details).

So here’s what’s been happening on the in September:

Geeking By in July to September 2020


In July I returned to World of Warcraft and started the long, but necessary job of getting the rest of my characters up to 120 in preparation for Shadowlands. Thanks to the experience buff and invasions that actually ended up being a lot less painful than I expected! Chris returned to the game too and it took us about a week to get 7 characters up. Once we got into a routine we were able to get 2 a day done. It was a little ridiculous, to be honest!

World of Warcraft Uncorrupted Voidwing
Our guild helped us get our Dragons and Ahead of the Curve.

Our guild helped us get our Dragons and Ahead of the Curve.
We’ve both been catching up with content we missed, and that included getting stuff done before things went away in the Shadowlands Pre-Patch. I’m going to do a proper WoW post before Shadowlands as there have been loads happening, but one highlight was our guild boosting us to get our dragons and Ahead of the Curve. It was nice to be able to do it with our guild this time around. We’ve both been too ill the past two expansions to be able to raid, and we’ve had to get into streams to get our mounts. So it was great to do it with friends 🙂

What I've been watching this month

I’ve been watching a variety of shows and movies over the last few months.

In July I went back to the past to finish a show I love; Due South. I started watching this show when I was a teen and never got a chance to finish it. I’ve always loved it and I kept saying to myself ‘one day I need to go back and finish it…’ well July ended up being that one day!

I also caught up and finished Marvel’s Agent Carter and Haven ticking them off my list of tv shows I’m hoping to finish this year. Other I finished seasons for were shows on my normal TV schedule. I finished the most recent seasons of the following:

New Shows I started watching were:

  • Bitten – I’ve been a massive fan of Kelley Armstrongs Women of the Otherworld series for many years so when a TV Show was announced I was so excited. I tried a few episodes when it first aired, however, it was so like the books that I was easily distracted by other at the time and put it on the back burner. My fiance Chris started watching Bitten and after catching glimpses of it my interested was reinitiated. I binged watched series 1 and series 2, however, I’ve gotten stuck on the third and final series. That series diverts from the books which is fine, I’m happy for it to do so, apart from the way it’s ruining one of my favourite characters and turning him into a sociopath. I’m not sure I’ll actually finish the show because of it.


  • Blood and Treasure – I’m not sure where I caught sight of this show, but I’m so glad I did! An FBI antiques expert joins forces with an expert thief to catch a terrorist who uses stolen antiques to fund his attacks. It’s Indiana Jones meets pretty much any crime drama you’ve ever watched, and for once the sexy thief is a woman! There’s so much more to it and a massive twist that I loved. Plus an American Catholic working at the Vatican who is just pure awesomeness. It’s a must-watch!


  • Perry Mason – I watched the bits and pieces of the original Perry Mason growing up, so when a new reboot came along I was going to give it ago. Unlike the original, this one starts way back before Perry was a lawyer and tells the story of how he first started in the law business back in the 1920s. It’s a completely different time and world, and the case is riddled with conspiracies.


  • Lincoln Rhyme: Hunt for the Bone Collector – Upon seeing a non-disabled actor in the role of a disabled character my first thoughts were ‘here we go again’, however, I gave it a shot and was glad to see that this wasn’t an ablest casting. The show uses a flash-back technique which requires an actor who can film scenes before and after the character’s accident and it is integral to the plot. It’s not something they could have skipped, it wouldn’t have had the same effect because everything in this show is connected. In episode four disabled actor Zack Weinstein plays a character who tries to help Lincoln accept what has happened to him and understand that being disabled doesn’t mean life has to end. There is also a lot of mental health awareness shown through several characters. So while it can be argued that the show could have taken a different format that didn’t rely on a flashback method, the show did make an effort (which is more than most) to represent disabilities and disabled actors. Unfortunately, it only got one season to do so as the show was cancelled. 


  • October Faction – I knew as soon as I saw the trailer on Netflix that I had to watch this show and it did not disappoint. Starring Tamara Taylor and J. C. MacKenzie as parents who are secretly monster hunters, October Faction is based on a comic series. It’s weird, it’s off the wall and it’s hilariously funny. It also only got one season and I’ll most definitely be checking out that comic series because I loved this show. 


  • Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency – This was another show that was one of a kind and it is completely eccentric. I was attracted to it by the wonderful Elijah Wood whose career I’ve followed since I was a teenager, and he is on top form as always, but so is the rest of the cast which is absolutely stunning. This is a mind-bending, one of a kind show that I think everyone needs to watch!


  • Travelers – I’ve talked about this previously during Seriously Geeking Sundays, and it’s a sci-fi show that really makes you think while not being too much. The travelers are people who travel back in time to take over the bodies of people in the 21st century to try to fix the past and make the future better. Naturally, this is nowhere near as simple as it sounds and there’s a lot of things that go wrong along the way.


  • Veronica Mars – Yep, I’ve finally done it; I watched Veronica Mars. Well, most of it. I need to finish the final season which I’m putting off because thanks to google I found out that a character dies. I googled the actor’s name and as google does it lists the most commonly asked questions along with your results. One of them was ‘why does x die in Veronica Mars?’, well cheers for that spoiler google! /sigh
Movies watched in July to September 2020
Some of the movies watched over the past few months!

I’ve slowly been catching up on movies, so here’s what I’ve watched over the past few months and some brief thoughts:

  • The Man from U.N.C.L.E – I was pleasantly surprised by this one. It took me a while to get into it, but by the time I’d warmed up to the characters I fell in with them and now I really want a sequel!


  • 47 Ronin – This has been on my to watch list for a long time, and I was glad that it remained (mostly) authentic to the original story.


  • Alita: Battle Angel – Honestly, this was a let down for me. Chris was more excited about this than me as an anime fan, and I came out of it thinking ‘was that it?’. It felt extremely incomplete and like I’d watched half a movie. I also felt like a certain event in the story really didn’t need to be repeated twice. It was utterly pointless.


  • The Lion King – I loved this new version of The Lion King, and while it is different from the original that’s fine by me! I wasn’t looking for a carbon copy of the animated version, I wanted something that took the fundamentals and made something new, and for me, that’s what this did. I also felt that this was made for my generation; people who had grown up with it and were now adults. I laughed so hard. One thing I hated was the new version of ‘Be Prepared’. It is terrible.


  • Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle – Like The Lion King, Jumanji has a special place in my heart and the new film doesn’t change that. I loved the new one and the way the game magically updated itself for the next generation’s type of game. As a gamer, I thought the whole thing was really well done. And Jack Black… there really aren’t any words to describe that performance are there?! He blows me away with his talent every time I see him on screen.


  • Incredibles 2 – Not as good as the original, not by a mile. While the Parr family was great and Jack-Jack was hilarious, the entire plot was extremely obvious. Decent enough film but I’m not sure it’ll ever be able to do what the first one did.


  • Night School – This is one of those films I saw a trailer for and thought that looks amazing and then put off watching it because I had second thoughts. You know the ones; was the trailer accurate? Did they put all the good bits in the trailer? By the time I watched the film I didn’t remember the trailer so I couldn’t answer that, but I can say the film is awesome. It’s hilarious, clever and talks frankly about learning disabilities in a way that people will sit up, pay attention and think ‘crap, that’s me’. It’s not just a funny film, it’s as I saw an article say “quietly important”.


  • Johnny English Strikes Again  It was pretty much what I’ve come to expect from a Johnny English film. I have even more admiration for Ben Miller as an actor playing such a straight role versus Rowan Atkinson’s comedic one.
Geeking By in July to September 2020

I asked you guys on Twitter if you were ok with me doing ‘mini-reviews’ alongside my normal reviews. These mini-reviews would be multiple book reviews in one post, a reading catch-up style post with a paragraph or two of books I’ve been reading. While I’m working on book reviews I read for fun and I’d like to share my thoughts on these without needing to spend a massive amount of energy writing a full review on them. The current review style won’t be going away, so don’t worry if you prefer that format! 🙂

With these mini-reviews in mind, I’m just going to list what I read.

What I've been doing this month

Not much to be honest! I guess the main thing is working on some upgrades here at Just Geeking By. I was able to move to a professional version of the theme I was using and make some much-needed changes. I’m really happy with the result! Thanks to extremely kind donations from Michelle, Cherri and Megan I’ve also been able to fulfil my first ko-fi goal to buy a professional plugin that allows users to buy items from Amazon directly from my blog!

New Blog Shop with Amazon Affiliates
The new JGB shop connected directly to Amazon.

I’m now using WooCommerce for my gift guides and will be updating old ones to the new shop system as time goes on. For products available on Amazon just add to basket and it will direct you to at checkout to finish your purchase (if you’d like me to sign up for another international branch let me know!). For other products clicking the ‘Buy it Now’ button will take you to an external store.

I’ve still got some tidying up to do, such as adding spiffy images to the categories instead of the boring image holders and such, but it’s up and working which is the important thing 🙂

Monthly Update: Over to You

I’ve been trying to get this one out for weeks, which tells you how well October is going… but that will have to wait until next month.

How was your summer? Let me know!

Geeking by in July to September 2020: Time to catch up with how I've been Geeking By in July to September 2020 with real talk about flare-ups, returning to World of Warcraft & some new blog updates.

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  1. Some super interesting books on your read section – I’ve added a few to my TBR.

    I hope you’re able to get some support and answers for the hypermobility and hope the coming months are an improvement for you. Stay safe!

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