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The topic of disability representation was never about one person, and that is why I set out to create a month-long discussion event. I can only cover a small portion of what it’s like to be disabled on my own, and that is why I sought to make GeekDis a collaborative event. To make an truly collaborative, it needs collaborative topics, topics that share the thoughts of multiple disabled people.

I’m a bit late releasing this post as I’ve been battling sinus migraines, which turned out to be a symptom of a sinus migraine. So I really need your help in getting the word out. If you see something on this list that isn’t quite your thing, but you know someone else who would to talk about it, please pass it on to them <3


The Topics

Each topic is listed with details about what I need for contributions and a link to a Google doc to add your contribution.


Please Note!

As of 22nd September 2021 this page is now archived and I am no longer looking for contributions for this year’s GeekDis. GeekDis will be back year! 🙂


# things disabled readers would like authors and publishers to know

Ever read a book and thought, that disability representation isn’t right? Heard about a book where disabled people are treated as disposable characters? Or seen an author complain on social media about people buying books using bargains and subscriptions, and then as an afterthought going “oh, but I don’t mean disabled people”…. Yep. I’m a little fed up with disabled people being the afterthought, disposable or just plain old invisible. That’s what this post is going to be about. Anything you’ve ever wanted to say to the and publishing world about disability representation.

You can add your own thoughts in this Google doc.


Thoughts on being stared at by nondisabled people

I am an style topic about the problem of the nondisabled gaze, relating it to multiple topics in pop culture. This will include references to films I’ve been reviewing for GeekDis, as well as looking at the recent BBC “documentary” and the two Paralympic advert campaigns; “it’s rude not to stare”.

I am looking for members of the disabled community to contribute their thoughts on being stared at, any personal stories if they feel comfortable sharing them, and/or any thoughts they have regarding the BBC “documentary” or Channel 4 and Citi’s Paralympic adverts.

I can easily write an article filled with facts from research articles. But that doesn’t give an accurate portrayal of what we, the disabled community, live with every day.

Help me show people the real problem of the nondisabled gaze by adding your thoughts and experiences to this Google doc


Feature on Disabled

I’m looking for suggestions and introductions from members of the disabled community for their favourite disabled cosplayers. There is a lot of gatekeeping in the community, despite many encouraging everyone to cosplay, and I want to know which disabled cosplayers you love, follow and admire and why. What are your favourite cosplays by them?

Drop me some names of disabled cosplayers, or let me know your thoughts in this Google doc!

GeekDis: Collaborative Topics - Share your thoughts! - I'm working on several Collaborative Topics for GeekDis because I'm just one small part of a discussion on disability representation. Come share your thoughts!null.

Topics from other

I am not the only blogger working on collaborative topics for GeekDis 🙂


You can find more details about both these collaborative topics and how to contact these bloggers in the GeekDis Topic Ideas Google doc. Please contact them to join in!

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