Geek on the High Street is going International!

It’s the 22nd December, the 12 days of Geeking By was supposed to end two days ago and there’s only been 4 days not 12. Yeah.. to say things didn’t go to plan is a total understatement. I am upset to have not been able to deliver what I promised, however, as my wonderful friends have reminded me on Twitter I do need to be kinder to myself and put my health first. I’m really sick at the moment; on top of my normal health conditions I have a chest which I’ve had for months. I didn’t realise how serious it was until I went to the doctor and was given the strongest antibiotics possible, steroids and a very firm warning to see her again a week later if it hadn’t buggered off. Whoops. It didn’t bugger off. I’m now on a second course of antibiotics over the Christmas period – wonderful! Keeping with my annual tradition of being sick at Christmas as normal 😉

I’ve got a whole bunch of other stuff happening which I’ll get into another time, and pretty much everything has been way beyond my control. So while the 12 days has failed it’s been a that wasn’t my doing. It just wasn’t meant to be so I’m finishing it off over the few days before Christmas with 3 more blog content announcements the first of which is…

Geek on the High Street FB Group!

I was asked a while back if I’d ever consider doing an international Geek on the High Street; I said yes. However, as time went on I realised how difficult that would be for me. While it would be pretty easy to do an American or Canadian version, and I could possibly swing an Australian one, other countries are a complete mystery to me. When I originally created Geek on the High Street I had a lot of other plans for it, such as actually visiting stores to find clothes. I could never have foreseen my ME which has prevented me from seeing that becoming a reality.

From both of these thoughts and recognising my own limitations came the idea to open Geek on the High Street up to the world via a Facebook Group. I have to give credit where credit is due; Nancy of Plus Size Nerd has been a big inspiration for this. If you’ve not seen her group Plus Sized Nerds then ladies I seriously recommend it.

The GHS group will be opening in February 2020 and will focus on sharing and discussing geeky womens in local stores. By local stores I mean brick and mortar offline stores. In the UK we call these High Street stores, hence the name. While the Internet has brought us the opportunity to buy geeky items designed for we can’t try them on before we buy and for women that can be a pretty big issue. Women’s sizes are notorious for being completely different and our bodies are unique; what fits one size 14 might not work for another size 14.

The aim of Geek on the High Street was to help save time by collecting items in a board and highlighting which shops do have geeky items for women. I’m going to be continuing the series on my blog but I want to broaden the scope so that it helps women all over the world., as well as getting a real discussion going about the need for more geeky clothing in stores for women.

Over to You

I hope you’re as excited by the idea of a GHS group as I am and hope to see you in the group when it launches in February!

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