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From 11th – 17th June I’m taking part in The Geek Blogs Unite June Theme, Ready Player One – Games. I’d already decided to do a post, however, I was convinced by Kayla to do a whole week of posts (ok, it didn’t take much convincing at all…). So instead of one big post I’ll be posting mini posts each day. I decided on because it is my main game, and I’ve been playing since it’s EU launch. I have a character of every class, and it’s also responsible for me meeting my fiancé, Chris, and many good friends.


Sunday 11th

Introducing my World of Warcraft Characters

I’m going to tell you all about each of my characters, their history, personality and maybe even a few dirty little secrets 😉

Monday 12th

My Favourite World of Warcraft Pets

Anyone who knows me knows I animals and my fondness for living creatures has transferred to battle pets! I’ve already talked about my favourite pets for battles, so this time I’ll be talking about my favourites in terms of themes and aesthetics!

Tuesday 13th

Transmog Tuesday & My Favourite Raid Tiers

As normal there will be #TransmogTuesday and as a bonus I’ll be telling you what my favourite raid tier is for each class. Boy, that’s gonna be a hard one!

Wednesday 14th

My Favourite World of Warcraft Mounts

There are so many mounts to collect, and I’m over the 250th mark personally. I’ll be whittling down the list to tell you my personal favourites.

Thursday 15th

My Favourite Locations in World of Warcraft

So many different zones, from multiple and I’ll be telling you which ones I to visit.

Friday 16th

My Favourite Questlines in World of Warcraft

From the epic, to the heartbreaking and with some hilarity in between, here’s my favourite storylines and from the game.

Saturday 17th

My Favourite World of Warcraft Art

A change of plans, and to coincide with Sharing Saturday, I’m talking about my favourite art from the game, TCG, fanart and Hearthstone!

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  1. WoW is one game I have never actually play. I’m afraid of getting sucked in 😉 Going to browse through all your posts! Also, I think it’s great you met your fiance playing

  2. Can’t wait to see all your posts. WoW is a game I’ve avoided because I’m quite sure I’d become addicted. lol.

  3. Whew, that’s a lot of WoW! I can’t wait to read them though! I haven’t played in months, but I’m always itching to play again. Can’t wait to get a peek of your favorite pets and mounts! I’ll such a hoarder in the game…there’s just so much cute stuff!

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