My Favourite World of Warcraft Art

I was supposed to be rounding off the week of World of Warcraft on a more serious note with ‘Why I always report harassment in Games & why you should too’ and while I do still intend to write that post, now doesn’t seem the right time. I’ve been celebrating a game I love, and dipping into the darker and more childish side of and harassment just doesn’t have the same vibe. So instead I’m joining my final post with Sharing Saturday, and sharing with you my favourite World of Warcraft art. This includes a variety of sources; official art, fan art, trading card art and some art from Blizzard’s online card game Hearthstone.

I’ve done several World of Warcraft themed Sharing Saturdays before that might also interest you!


Disclaimer: The work here is displayed only out of admiration and credit is given for every image (where possible I use the ’embed’ code directly from sites such as instagram or deviantArt). If you are the artist and want your work removed please leave me a comment. If you like some of the art here please take the time to visit the artist’s gallery or deviantArt account, and/or leave a comment to let them know. This is probably obvious, but: this post is very image heavy.


Malfurion Stormrage by SiaKim on DeviantArt

Invincible by breath-art on DeviantArt

The Lion of Alliance – Varian Wrynn by Jaydekim on DeviantArt

Remember about Theramore by Yulcha on DeviantArt

Burdens of the Emperor by linxz2010 on DeviantArt

WoW TCG – Northshire Guardian by Jaydekim on DeviantArt

The Birth of the Banshee Queen by krysdecker on DeviantArt

Durotan – Warlords of Draenor by MrBenPilotti on DeviantArt

WoW: Never see me coming by ryumo on DeviantArt

youngTyrande by tr1ff1d on DeviantArt

Werewolf priest by liuhao726 on DeviantArt

Starfail by lockjaw on DeviantArt

The Farewell by Khaidu on DeviantArt

Valeera Sanguinar Hearthstone Hero Portrait by GlennRaneArt on DeviantArt

Dryads by Ketka on DeviantArt

Snowpuppies – 2014 Holiday Wallpaper! by Noxychu on DeviantArt

The Fall of Lich king by DRACREN on DeviantArt

Jaina – The Shattered Soul by TamplierPainter on DeviantArt

Maiev Shadowsong by Koni-art on DeviantArt

Liadrin by PersonalAmi on DeviantArt

Nightfallen by frenone on DeviantArt

Pandaren – World of Warcraft by Valentina-Remenar on DeviantArt

A Different Light by emily-lorange on DeviantArt

Azeroth’s Last Stand by Tokoldi on DeviantArt

The werewolf’s redemption by liuhao726 on DeviantArt

Sylvanas Windrunner by GlennRaneArt on DeviantArt

Alexstrasza by Noxiihunter on DeviantArt


Alleria Windrunner Hearthstone Art by Jomaro Kindred

Alleria Windrunner (Hearthstone) by Jomaro Kindred.



Kallipissa (WoW TCG) by Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai

Kallipissa (WoW TCG) by Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai.




Ysera the Awakened (Hearthstone) by Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai.

Ysera the Awakened (Hearthstone) by Zoltán Boros and Gábor Szikszai.



"The Dragon Aspects bless the World Tree Nordrassil" in World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1

The Dragon Aspects bless the World Tree Nordrassil

in World of Warcraft: Chronicle Volume 1.



There are so much amazing fanart and artists offering commissions of players characters, however, I wanted to give a general overview of some of my favourite heroes and scenes that have been depicted. My deviantArt favourites folder has gotten so big I’m going to need to split it into individual, more specific folders and is filled with examples of artists bringing characters to life. So if you’re hungering for more, please take a look! ((Artwork used in the banner is by Ludo Lullabi and scanned from my personal collection.))


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