Fandom Alternative Inktober Prompts for October 2020

As a geek, the Fandom alternative prompts always give me great joy as it’s filled with examples of other geeks embracing their love for their fandoms and being inspired by what they love. I’m a huge fanart fan and love to see how other people interpret characters and scenes or create their own original characters in universes that I also love. Many of my DeviantArt favourite galleries are filled with past creations thanks to prompts like these ones. 

The prompts have been divided into several sub-categories and you’ll find an explanation of each sub-category before the Pinterest board.

To view the prompts please visit the Pinterest board and follow the link to the original prompt creator. Always remember to link back to them as credit.

What is an art prompt?

An art prompt is quite literally a list of words/phrases that offer artists a or a guide for their work. Some prompts follow a theme while others are completely random. Some prompts will have additional instructions, such as Inktober, which was originally intended as an ink only challenge before growing into something much larger (see below). There are art challenges throughout the year and some other well-known examples are; Mermay (Mermaids challenge in May), Huevember (Colour challenge in November) and Drawcember (Drawing challenge in December).

What is Inktober?

Inktober is an art prompt that was originally created in 2009 by Jake Parker who wanted a to develop his inking skills. It has grown from there to become a worldwide event with thousands of artists of all skill levels taking part. The prompt consists of 31 words that act as a prompt, an idea for an ink drawing for each day. As explained in the FAQ section of the website participants are welcome to use whatever medium they want and interpret the prompts in their own way. That includes working with calligraphy and lettering if that is your field of interest. In general, the rules are pretty much lax about everything; if you want to do one a day or several in one day then that’s fine too! The whole point is to get together, yourself and most of all have some fun doing it!

Comics, Books & Writing

Inspired by written word these prompts are here to help you bring your favourite characters and scenes from literature and comics to life. Click here to view the board.


For prompts for all your gaming needs look no further – unless it’s roleplaying you seek then see below. Click here to view the board.

RPGs & DnD

Roleplaying & DnD was given its own category due to the way these prompts work. These are not just prompts based on the game content as many incorporate dice mechanics in the prompts themselves. Click here to view the board.


The of the big screen is brought to life with these movie based prompts. Click here to view the board.

TV Shows, Anime & Cartoons

The smaller screen is home to some much-loved fandoms and this sub-category includes prompts for anime and cartoons. Click here to view the board.

Multiple Fandoms

Prompts that cross multiple fandoms are listed here. Click here to view the board.

Suggest a Prompt

If you have an Fandom alternative prompt for October 2020 please let me know by leaving me your link in a comment so I can add it to my list.

Please note: As always I will be doing my best to only include prompts in which the creators have clearly stated they are happy for people to share and take part in.

If I accidentally include a personal one or you wish for your prompt to be removed from this list please let me know and I’ll be happy to oblige. You can leave me a comment here, use this contact form or find me on social media as justgeekingby (see the sidebar for links).

Over to You

Thank you for viewing the 2019 Fandom Prompts! I hope you enjoyed browsing these prompts as much as I did. I’m always fascinated with the creativity that goes into the prompts just as much as the art they inspire.

Did any of these prompts inspire you to get creative? Or if you’re not an artist yourself have you found one to follow?

Fandom Alternative Inktober Prompts for October 2020: Celebrate your fandom with these Fandom alternative Inktober Prompts prompts with creative inktober alternative prompts for video games, DnD, anime, and many more.

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