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Being a fan of Disney might not be something that most people consider to be necessarily geeky, however, in my experience being a fan of Disney fashion tends to be quite a geeky trait. I love Disney and would quite happily show off my Disney pride in any way I can. Unlike other franchises, Disney is pretty popular in UK high street stores as it’s consider to be something that most (if not all) women like so there was plenty to choose from. A lot of the time though it was sleepwear or underwear though; a not so subtle suggestion that women don’t want to wear these sorts of things? 😛 You’ll also notice a reoccurring theme or lack of theme, namely what retailers think are the most popular Disney characters so lots of the Mouses and Princes. I did managed to dig out a few other items and they are here in this post, so enjoy!

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As I said, sleepwear was a common theme and despite the connotation that women only want to be seen in Disney clothes in their bedroom, some of them are downright cute. Primark have finally updated their website (hurray!) to actually show which means I can bring you these goodies. There’s the beautiful Aladdin Nightdress in a deep burgundy, followed by some pure cattitude from the Aristocats Marie Nightshirt, and finally this fantastic ‘I speak fluent Disney’ nightdress (it’s listed as a pajama top, it looks way too long to be a top to me) which I would LOVE as t-shirt.




Primark also have some really cute Pyjama sets in right now, and I loved the fact that they had a variety of characters as well! First up are a personal favourite of mine; Chip ‘n’ Dale. I used to love Rescue Rangers when I was a kid so every time I see anything with these guys on I’m super happy.  Next is an awesome set of Aladdin PJs featuring the genie, and then there’s a cute pair set of Thumper Pyjamas.




We’re finally getting to something you can show off in the day time 😉 Primark have some fabulous Disney socks right now including the ones featured here: Little Mermaid, Mrs Potts & Chip, Stitch and Disney Team.



Here are a few more ‘outgoing’ *wink* Disney items I found while exploring the Primark website. They have a nice range of caps, including these two; a Minnie Mouse cap complete with ears and a and a plainer Mickey Mouse one. This Mickey Mouse hoodie was one of the few non-sleepwear items I could find. And yes, I am aware that a cushion is not a fashion item – but this Lion King Hakuna Matata cushion is just so awesome! I had to include it and I want one so badly!



Sports Direct


Sports Direct still has some good stuff on offer, including some great Disney swimwear which considering the weather in the UK right now is right on point! Their Disney range includes these two great items which aren’t your usual run of the mill Disney. The Disney Princess swimwear set is dark and gothic, and the Swimming Costume features the often overlooked villains. There aren’t many t-shirts listed and this Disney Princess Rose T-Shirt (also available in pink) and Minnie and Mickey arguing T-Shirt were the only ones available.





Personally I’m not a big fan of Uniqlo as I find that their women’s t-shirts tend to be terribly unisex, however, they are the only UK high street store that goes out of it’s way to collaborate with geeky franchises. They did so with Disney and you view the whole collaboration here. I’ve chosen a few of my favourite pieces to show you here; Jasmine t-Shirt, The Little Mermaid t-shirt, Minnie and Daisy BFFs t-shirt,   Minnie and the sun t-shirt,   Mickey and the Sun shorts, and Mickey sweat long sleeve dress.



TK Maxx


I found some great T-Shirts over at TK Maxx including these Snow White and Cinderella ones which appear to be part of a series so check out the pinterest board for the others. It was great to see a Tinkerbell and Bambi t-shirt too instead of sleepwear for a change 😉



George at Asda



Last of all I bring you my best finds. George at Asda had some great Disney stuff and here are my favourites. I am absolutely in love with this Beauty and the Beast Squad Goals T-shirt! The colours and design of this Aladdin pyjama set is gorgeous, and then there’s two unique mouse designs; a red Minnie top and an ice cream Mickey t-shirt.


Over to You

I hope you enjoyed this months Geek on the High Street!

Have you seen something you need to add to your wardrobe asap?

Do you think that something’s overdone (princesses, mouses) or do you not mind, you just love Disney in any form?

What characters/movies do you wish designers featured more?

How do you feel about Disney usually being relegated to sleepwear?

Let me know in the comments, I always love to hear from you <3

Do you speak fluent Disney? Get your Disney Geek on with these awesome fashion items availble in UK high street stores! Includng Aladdin, Tinkerbell & more!

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  1. I love Disney tees and merch! My favorites were the Snow White and Cinderella comic style ones! Thanks for sharing! It’s cool to see what’s kinds of Disney merch you guys have over in the UK! 🙂

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