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Promotion is an essential part of running a successful blog and calling on my previous experience as an administrator of a large online community, I’m using my years of knowledge to help other bloggers learn how to promote their blog for free. The motto of this series to promote your blog while creating content and having fun doing it. I’ll be guiding you through the world of from website listings and social media accounts to more immersive and interactive methods such as link hops, tags and communities.

As a small niche blogger, I also know how important it is to find places to promote your blog that fit your niche. With that in mind, I hunt the web to find as many different blog resources as possible. Every link I find is added to a massive collection on which is categorised by link type. 

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Blog Promotion Guides

Blogger Awards

These are informal awards passed from one blogger to another, awarded to another blogger who meets the awards criteria. Once awarded that blogger then tags other bloggers to answer a set of questions. As a result, an ongoing chain of links is created which provides passive traffic over time.

Blog Hops

Blog hops are lists of blogs that are hosted weekly or monthly on a blog that you can sign up to. Most have a specific set of rules and requirements for you to join and are designed for members to “hop” to other blogs and provide traffic to each other.

Blog Prompts & Challenges

Blog prompts and challenges are a fantastic way to promote your blog while creating new content and having fun. Many prompt/challenge creators provide a way for you to link your posts in their original post which provides more traffic back to your blog. These are also a great way to break writer’s block!

Blog Tags

Blog Tags are a series of themed questions that you answer and then tag other bloggers to fill out. As with Blog Awards, they create a chain of links that create passive traffic especially as most Tags require you to link back to whoever tagged you.

Check out my guide for using Blog Tags!

Facebook Groups

Facebook groups are one of the most well-known places for promoting blogs. Be sure to look for groups that are specific to your niche, or your geographic location as your blog may get lost in larger blog groups.

Check out my guide for using Facebook Groups!

Goodreads Groups

Goodreads is a surprisingly good place to promote your blog, and not just for Book Bloggers. While many Goodreads Groups are dedicated to Book Bloggers there are some that are for other bloggers. Promoting your blog in another place like Goodreads is a great way to reach a completely new audience – just be sure to follow the rules and make sure you are allowed to post there.

Link-Ups & Link Parties

Link-Ups and Link Parties are essentially the same as Blog Hops, but as people know them by different names I’ve chosen to keep them in separate categories.

They are are lists of blogs that are hosted weekly or monthly on a blog that you can sign up to. Most have a specific set of rules and requirements for you to join and are designed for members to visit other blogs and provide traffic to each other.


A Blog Meme is a series of themed questions hosted by a blog weekly/monthly that bloggers answer on their own blog. The host will usually provide a way for bloggers to provide a link to their answers, either through a link-up or by leaving it in the comments. As with other methods mentioned this is a great way to create new content, break through writer’s block and interact with new readers.


boards are fantastic for driving traffic to your blog by allowing you to ‘pin’ your content to themed boards, sharing it with hundreds of users.

Photo Prompts & Challenges

Photo challenges and prompts may seem an unusual method for gaining traffic for your blog, however, like writing prompts they offer a creative way to make new content and gain access to a new audience through linkbacks.

Reading Challenges

Reading Challenges are a great way to add new dynamic content to your blog. Challenges vary in length from a year to months, with themes for every type of reader. Many Reading Challenge hosts also offer a chance for bloggers to link their progress reports through link-ups.

Twitter Accounts

There are two types of twitter accounts that help bloggers promote their blog; twitter retweet accounts which will retweet your tweets and twitter chats which offer a chance to talk about blogging. Both types of accounts may also offer promotional threads and other useful tools for bloggers. Instructions for interacting with a twitter account can usually be found in their account bio and/or pinned post.

Website Listings

A website listing is a website which offers a permanent link to your blog for free in return for a link back to their website. You will not find any paid website listings listed here although some listings may offer one as well as a free service.

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