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At different parts of the year I plan specific content around a theme (read more about it here) and in addition to book reviews, I offer additional book promotion opportunities for authors and publishers. For example, in December I’ll be looking to review and promote holiday and winter-themed books. Read on to find out what type of book promotion opportunities are available.

Available Book Promotions

I offer four different types of promotions. Please note that there is a limit of two options per person for each promotion and if your book is appearing in a round-up post, I will not also put it in a gift guide as well as they are essentially the same thing just in a different format. I’m offering these as free promotions to help authors, and this is a service that I normally charge people for so please do not take advantage of my goodwill.


Addition review slots that month

Normally I have two spots open for review requests each month. If I have a promotion running that month I am open to receiving requests for books that fit within the parameters of the promotion. I can only guarante a mini-review though as I will be extra busy, but my review will still be posted on GoodReads, Amazon and Waterstones 🙂 Please note that my normal book review policy still applies and therefore, books that fit a promotion’s requirements are not automatically guaranteed a review.


Round-up posts

Your book will be featured your book in a round-up post alongside other books i.e. “5 great holiday fantasy books!”. It will include your book cover and its blurb.


Gift Guides

Similar to a round-up post but on a much larger scale, a gift guide isn’t limited to books and your book will be listed alongside other gift ideas that fit the same theme. You can see examples of some of my gift guides here. Gift guides are a great way to promote your book as they get attention all year round. My Cosplayer gift guide, for example, has been my best performing post for the last two years.

Just like a round-up post, your book will be listed with its book cover and blurb.


Author Interviews

Depending on the promotion I may be looking to interview authors about their books. You can read more about interviews here.

Applying for a book promotion

To apply for a book promotion opportunity just use the normal book review request form and select the relevant option under promotions.

If I’ve already reviewed your book

If I have already reviewed your book it is automatically considered for round-up posts or gift guides I am working on. If you would like to be interviewed please use the custom interview sign up form here.

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