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Founded in 2016, Just Geeking By was the result of several years of personal blogging developing into a brand. Aimed at geeks throughout the world, Just Geeking By focuses on three core themes; geekiness, disabilities and beauty. It is the world as seen from the perspective of a four-eyed disabled from the UK. Merging these themes to cover a broad spectrum of topics, this blog links them together through one common goal; providing the viewpoint of someone with unique challenges due to disabilities and really bad eyesight. In doing so Just Geeking By aims to fill in the gap in geek, lifestyle and beauty blogs in hopes that one day everyone will have some form of representation on the web.

Blog Content

Monthly Content

on the High Street – Born out of the constant frustration of finding suitable geeky fashion for women in British shops, this series takes place each month as new fashion is released. The aim is to help geeky women find on their high street rather than having to buy only online. Each month Heather takes on a different theme relevant to a new release.

Zodiac Series – Follow the stars with Just Geeking By each month as Heather checks out what’s on offer on the web for women for each star sign. From fashion, to and stationery, each Star Sign will have its chance to shine in a special gift guide. There will also be information sourced from fashion and beauty gurus to help readers identify their unique star sign style.

Transmog TuesdayTransmog Tuesday is Heather’s way of giving back to the World of Warcraft ( by Blizzard Entertainment) community as well as embracing two things she loves; collecting transmog items and design. She loves designing new sets and regularly sets herself challenges and accepts them from readers.

10 Things – The monthly wild card; this feature can literally be anything from 10 favourite TV shows, to 10 great new products to try. The versatility of this feature means it had great potential for working with sponsors and businesses to promote products. Please get in touch if you have an idea to pitch that you feel suits this feature.

Sample Shoutout – Once a month Heather collates the product samples she has collected and provides a mini-review of each one. Each shoutout includes a minimum of three products per month.

Blog Links – Promotion is an essential part of running a successful blog and calling on her previous experience as an administrator of a large online community, Heather aims to use that knowledge to help other bloggers grown their own source of promotional links. From website listings and social media accounts, to more immersive and interactive methods such as link hops, tags and communities. Spreading the idea that it is possible to promote your blog while creating content and having fun doing it!

Geeking ByGeeking By is quite simply Heather’s way of staying in tune with the world, a monthly update that touches on a bit of everything from geekery, to beauty and living with chronic illness. It is the epitome of what Just Geeking By is all about.


Additional Content

In additional to the monthly blog series’ the following type of blog content can also be found at Just Geeking By on a less structured schedule.

Interviews – Heather interviews people about their hobby/profession, or disability with the aim to open up dialogue and spread awareness or promote businesses.

Product Reviews – These are an important part of the Just Geeking By ethos for Heather because she feels that there are a lot of factors that most bloggers do not need to take into consideration. It’s great having a fantastic beauty product, but what if the packaging isn’t suited to someone with disabilities? Heather is available to review a variety of different products, and a full list can be viewed here (review guidelines and information are also included – please ensure you review these before contacting me regarding an opportunity).

Previous Content

These are monthly content that previously ran here at Just Geeking By but are no longer updated.

Sharing SaturdaySharing Saturday ran weekly and was Heather’s way of sharing awesome content from around the web. Examples include art, books, and guides on how to find free e-books. At holiday periods there were overall themes used, such as Christmas 2016 being dedicated to displaying alternative advent calendars.

The Birthstone Series – From March 2017 a monthly series connected directly to a pinterest board, this series created a and a guide dedicated to ‘How to style your birthstone!’.

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