A little #CreativeChristmasCollab

I’ve always been a fan of community events and Secret Santa’s, so when I heard about Chris’ event, a little #CreativeChristmasCollab, to spread a little bit of happiness if what has been a dreadful year for all of us, you can bet I was signing up 🙂 

To briefly sum up the event, everyone who signed up submitted a post and were then matched with another participant. Each of us then writes a post (voilà) sharing each other’s work and saying something them and/or their work.

I was matched with Kim of Later Levels which was an honour, as she’s a member of our community that I really admire. Then I was paralysed by anxiety because while I’ve gotten to know Kim better over the course of the year, I don’t know her as well as some of the others taking part in this event. Likewise, I didn’t want to mess up this opportunity to give something back to someone who does something for so many others. So, here goes nothing 😉

A bit about Kim

For those of you who don’t know Kim, let me introduce you to her before I get to the blog post she shared for this event 🙂

Kim blogs at Later Levels and has been doing so since 2013. The main focus of her blog is video games, however, to say that is all Later Levels is about would not be giving the blog or Kim it’s due. I think what best sums up what makes this blog unique is that there’s an About the community page nestled right there under the ‘About the Author’ and ‘About the Blog’ pages that most blogs have. That’s Kim; even her blog isn’t wholly about herself, it’s about the community she’s in and loves.

Just taking a quick wander around Later Levels and you’ll see what I mean; there’s #BloggerTalk a Twitter chat every Thursday,  Side Quests her frequently updated list of community events and streams, and seasonal Gamers blog parties that she hosts every year.

On top of that, Kim’s friendly and approachable, and is just generally a lovely person. She puts so much hard work into everything she does, and keeps up with regular content on her blog and twitch channel. That alone is super impressive in my book! And when she’s not busy working on her own projects she can be found as a helpful elf or sprite offering a helping hand to others with their events and collaborations.

So thank you, Kim, for doing so much for everyone and our community. It hasn’t gone unnoticed 🙂 Happy Holidays!

Kim’s Five Game 2020

Now that you know a bit more about Kim, let’s talk about the post she shared for this event; Five Game Challenge 2020.

What if you could only play five games for a year? That’s the Naithin posed for bloggers and in this post, Kim answers the call! I enjoyed reading the way Kim organised her thoughts, breaking down the question to show the way in which she interacts with video games. In doing so she reveals the five games that would give her everything she needs for a whole year without any others.

Kim’s put a lot of thought into this selection, choosing games she’s played before as well as games she’s purposely been waiting to be completely released, such as The Long Dark. Such a combination means she has something to look forward to, something familiar and she’s even thrown in something challenging (The Witness) to keep her on her toes as well. Likewise, not every game on the list is designed to be, as Kim puts it “to save the world” and I love that she’s taken her mental wellbeing into consideration while creating this list. For example, first on the list is Coloring Pixels which is exactly what it sounds like and Kim explains that the appeal comes from having a game where there’s “there’s no risk of frustration because you aren’t penalised for filling in a pixel with the wrong colour”.

Please head over to Later Levels and check out Kim’s Five Game Challenge 2020 as well as some of her other blog posts. There are a lot of interesting conversations happening at Later Levels 🙂

Over to you

Thank you for joining me for my little Secret Santa post today to spread a bit of joy and cheer this holiday season. Many thanks to Chris for organising this little collab!

A little #CreativeChristmasCollab: Join me as I spread a little festive cheer this holiday season as Secret Santa to Kim of Later Levels as part of a little #CreativeChristmasCollab !

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