5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Droids

My physio appointment yesterday went really well, and wanted to let you guys know before I dive into this week’s fandom 5. I’m not going to dedicate a whole entry to it because it was just a lot of talking and discussing things, so after a few appointments I’ll check back in… now onto the droids!

I tried. I honestly did try not to make this all about Star Wars. The problem is, pretty much all the droids I love are in that fandom. I had trouble thinking of any outside it, came up with two and they weren’t even close to being my favourite. So enjoy this edition of 5 Fandom Friday! ((Images from Star Wars wiki and Polaroid frame by danielle-lee.))


My favourite droids: Star Wars - R2-D2R2-D2

Of course Artoo is top of the list! The spunky little droid has never had a memory wipe (as far as we know) and has developed quite the personality. He’s always running off to do his own thing, usually saving the day and has a mind of his own. He’s loyal, witty, caring and loves to wind Threepio up. Sometimes I wonder what it would be like if we could actually read/understand him, but the beeps and whistles add that element of mystery which makes his adventures that little bit more fun.



My favourite droids: Star Wars - BB-8

This droid had stolen everyone’s heart before the movie was even released, and I was skeptical… then I saw the movie and fell in love with him. is quirky, loyal and I can’t wait to see how the character develops!



My favourite droids: Star Wars - Chopper


I’ve only watched a bit of Rebels, and Chopper is amazing. Another spunky astromech, there’s a certain scene with him and Artoo and I was like… 😮 I think Chopper is a bit more sarcastic and moody than some of the other droids on this list, and it totally works.




My favourite droids: Star Wars - T7-10


I’ve not played SWTOR in so long that I actually forgot about T7 when I started making this list. Yes, I am ashamed. I absolutely adore this little droid and he’s one of my favourite companions in the game. He is just so lovable, and dorky! He regularly says things like “«Galaxy = needs T7 + Jedi // T7 = ready for next mission»” and it’s just so adorable.



My favourite droids: Star Wars - Whistler


Whistler is from the Expanded Universe, now known as Legends, and was the droid of Corran Horn a Corsec agent (Correlian Security), a member of and a Jedi Knight. As you can imagine he has some unique experiences and skills as a result. He’s essentially Corran’s partner in even though Corran had a human partner in Corsec. I remember fondly a particular incident in the series in which Whistler and Wedge’s astromech, Gate, broke out of Imperial hands and initiated their own escape route by buying passage to a friend. Whistler is as crafty as his Rogue and was always great fun to read about.


And yes.. they all ended up being astromech doids 😉 I love the cute little guys, they just have so much character than any other droid in the SWTOR universe. How about you? Do you only associate droids with one fandom like I do, or do you have them spread across fandoms?





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