5 Fandom Friday - Favourite Harry Potter relationships

A bumper edition of 2 late posts today. I’ve been ill all week again and responsibly chose to do some the one time my body decided to comply. So here are my favourite Harry Potter relationships.


Harry & Ginny

I was never a big Cho fan, and the awkwardness of their relationship always made me wince. In comparison Harry and Ginny always seemed natural, and very sweet. It was a relationship that took time to come together, with both growing up and finding other partners before realising there was something there. Ginny is an amazingly strong woman who liked Harry for who he was as a person, warts and all. She knew what she was getting herself into and she stuck by him.



Hermione & Ron

I just these two and their relationship, from best friends to lovers. Their relationship took to reach fruition, had so many ups and downs and it got to the point where I honestly wondered whether it was going to happen. They’re complete opposites in some ways, and yet they’re exactly what the other needs to balance their life and complete them.




Bill & Fleur

These guys are just so sweet together and so in love. Originally disliked by Bill’s mum and sister, Fleur proves herself after Bill is attacked by a werewolf and scarred for life.




Lupin &

This relationship is a bittersweet one; sweet because of how lovely it was and bitter because of how it ended. loved Lupin despite him being a werewolf, and despite his many attempts to push her away. He was certain that he was wrong for her, but won out in the end. Sadly they never got to see their son grow up, but they made the world a better place for him just as Lupin hoped.




Molly & Arthur

The Weasley family is one of my favourite parts of the Harry Potter universe, and so of course I had to list these two on here. The loving parents of the Weasley brood, they share the with many others, including Harry and Hermione, and it’s clear they love one another dearly.




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