5 Fandom Friday - Characters I want to dress up as for Halloween

Star Wars - Mara Jade

Star Wars – Mara

My favourite all-time character, so of course she has to be first on this list! Her outfit is very simple to make and I’ve dyed my the correct colour in the past so that’s also easy!

Star Wars - Leia

Star Wars – Leia

Sadly, Mara is no longer actual Star wars canon (yet) so my actual canon choice which most people would recognise is Leia. Particularly this outfit as I have wanted to dress up in this iconic outfit since I was a teenager!


Disney –

Despite loving Disney, I don’t feel a big attachment to many of the female protagonists so this was easy to narrow down. is a fantastic character, and a book lover to boot!

Kushiel legacy - Phedre

Kushiel Legacy – Phedre

This is definitely one for the daring list, but I the idea of the marques (full back tattoo) while I couldn’t have a permanent one (I’m too ticklish!) I’d love to have one for or a costume ball.


World of Warcraft – My Main

If I had the time, the skill and the ability to recreate some of the gorgeous characters and appearances from World of Warcraft I have a feeling I’d never stop. Choosing an NPC is insanely difficult, but I’d to dress up as my main character, my human priest.






  1. I’d love to see you in all those! I expected to see Mara as number 1 too. ^^

  2. I’d love to see you in all those! I expected to see Mara as number 1 too. ^^

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