Spoonies R Us

The week started out to a tremendous start; an all day migraine. Bleurgh. I alternated between the bed and the couch, just about managing to binge watch TV (see what I’m watching here!). I finally managed to get to the doctors and talked through some things, including altering my migraine medication. Unfortunately that comes with the side effect of making me very sleepy – something that probably isn’t helped by the fact that I’m trying to sort my sleeping pattern in preparation for my exams. I have two exam dates so far and they’re both morning 🙁 At the moment my days are starting at 10:30am, and that’s a struggle. So I’ve spent the week very sleepy, and with pain from a HMS flare up.

Friday came and went, as did Saturday so I decided that this weekend I’m taking a break from 5 Fandom Friday and Sharing Saturday. When I created this blog I knew this could happen, and I’m not going to apologise. It sucks, but it’s my life, and at the moment any (very few) moments of clarity need to be spent studying for my exams. I’ll be planning better this week and should have posts scheduled in advance. I am probably going to miss a few things, like Look Book and Reviews, for this month and next due to all this and exams.

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