I’ve been a Star Wars fan since childhood and have kept up with the Expanded Universe novels since discovering them at the age of 13. It is my number one love and fandom, so it isn’t surprising that I love this game. For me it is a mixture of World of Warcraft and Knights of the Old Republic 1 & 2. I did try Star Wars Galaxies for a time but found it far too confusing to play which broke my heart. So as soon as I heard about a new Star Wars MMO I was thrilled.


Name: Kaelea Allyn
Class: Sith Sorcerer
Level: 50
Relationship: Youngest Sister
History: Coming soon.
Name: Wynter Allyn
Class: Scoundrel
Level: 18
Relationship: Eldest Sister
History: Coming soon.
Name: Elmier Allyn
Class: Jedi Sentinel
Level: 44
Relationship: Middle Sister
History: Coming soon.
Name: Caelynna
Class: Jedi Shadow
Level: 44
Relationship: Friend of the family
History: Coming soon.
Name: Kogla
Class: Vanguard
Level: 25
Relationship: Adopted Sister, elder
History: Coming soon.
Name: Aythri
Level: 65
Relationship: Adopted Sister, younger
History: Coming soon.