December Blog Semi Hiatus

I made a deal with myself; if I was still behind with things at the end of November I would need to take a break and get back on top of things. After a week filled with migraines again for the first time in forever, I’m feeling that even more now. I just feel like more things are getting added to my list and so this month I’m taking a semi-hiatus from my blog. What does that mean exactly? I’m still going to be blogging but the big stuff, the monthly series listed here won’t be getting done. That includes the weekly transmog sets. I’m taking the month off, catching up on things online and offline, and scheduling. I also have some plans I want to get together and launch in January as well as some much needed behind the scenes stuff that I’ve been putting off for ages. Now that I’ve moved to the new domain – ! – I can’t keep putting it off any longer. It needs doing and it’s getting done now.

I’ve got my epic Christmas Guides to Buying for the Geek in Your Life coming this week and there will be at least one review, and probably some tags and awards that have been sitting in my drafts for months. I’m just going to have some fun this month!

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Image Credits: Unsplash.