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I’m one week into my second term of my English Literature degree and I think now is a good time to preview the upcoming term. I am taking the same subjects as last term; English Literature, Scottish Literature and Celtic Civilisations. I’m excited about each one of these for different reasons so without further ado…


English Literature

The title of this module is called ‘Writing and the Self’. The first lecture was a very dull and consisted of the lecturer simply reading a long list of quotes from the handout he told us to print off. There was some other rambling, from which I caught enough key phrases from to be able to identify that I would be working with concepts I already covered in my previous degree. The reading for this term is interesting and includes Jane Eyre, Hamlet and Orlando. I’ve read Jane Eyre before and finished Hamlet which was much more enjoyable than Much Ado about Nothing. So I am doing well with my reading this term; it does help that the first three weeks have involved a lot of poetry 🙂


Scottish Literature

This term the course focuses on post world war Scottish literature and the idea of what national identity means at this point. Like English Literature this has begun with poetry but the later texts open up into a variety of genres. I’m quite interested in reading these as they are set in a different atmosphere as the texts last term which were primarily set in the 18th and 19th Centuries. I’m currently making my way through Lanark which is strange to say the least, but it certainly keeps me interested.


Celtic Civilisations

We’re finally on to the actual Celts! Term one was all about setting the scene historically and that meant some Greeks, Romans, Romans and more Romans. I’m not a huge fan of the Romans so last term got a bit repetitive. We’re currently working with evidence actually written by the Celts themselves and not by outsiders, so this is after the fall of the Roman Empire and will include the Vikings. It will also include looking at Saints and the Christianisation of the Celtic people which from a moral point of view makes me wince. From an academic point of view I’m fascinated.

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