5 Fandom Friday - Cupcakes


I LOVE cupcakes. I have two cupcake recipe books; For the love of Cupcakes which I’ve tried and tested various recipes from and Kinky Cupcakes which is a little bit above my expertise level still (but I cannot wait to have an excuse to use these!). So some of these are my own photos from the first recipe book.


20110527085004-04f63d86Butterfly Cupcakes

I have loved butterfly cakes since I used to make them with my mum as a little girl. They’re so easy to make and you just need to make a basic cupcake mixture. For those who have never had these; you cut out a lump from the top of the cake, fill it with butter-cream (butter mixed with icing sugar) and then cut the lump into two ‘butterfly’ wings which you put on top. Sprinkle with icing sugar and voilà!



IMG_0760Chocolate Fudge Flake Cupcakes

These are from my cupcake recipe book and are so rich and yummy.



IMG_0822Chocolate & Toffee Cupcakes

I made these (again from my wonderful cupcake book) for the teachers at the school where I did a placement at a few years ago. I made another batch, a less sweet recipe of Ginger and Lemon (which I quite liked) but apparently English teachers have a sweet tooth!



red-velvet-cupcakesRed Velvet Cupcakes

I have not made my own of these (photo credit goes to Salamander Stock), but I’ve eaten my fair few and oh my, I love them so so much.



Chocolate Cupcakes

Yep these are just a chocolate version of butterfly cupcakes, however, I couldn’t find a better alternative photo. I am a chocoholic so generally most chocolate cupcakes are amazing to me 😀 I have a whole bunch of cupcake recipes saved on Pinterest, including nutella and ferreo rocher ones.