5 Fandom Friday - Netflix & chill


I am notorious for not being able to sit still. I have to be doing something, especially if I’m watching something. I very rarely can just sit still or lay in bed watching stuff, and hate doing it when I’m ill. So here’s what I get up to while I’m watching netflix etc.

1. Blogging!

I’m currently catching up on the last CSI episode, Immortality, (very overdue!) as I write this. I find it easy to write blog posts or other online material while watching things, however, when it comes to creative writing or uni work I have to switch it off.

2. Gaming

If I’m playing an MMO or an easy game, like a puzzle game or facebook game, I like to have something on in the background. Most of the stuff I do in MMO’s like WoW is easy repetition that me and my fiancé joking refer to as ‘mind-numbing’ (it isn’t actually that bad, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to keep doing it). You need to pay attention to stuff but you don’t need to be give it your full attention. It makes grinding activities such as farming, leveling and, omg, fishing in WoW, so so much easier to do.

3. Website Design

I run a variety of websites and quite often will redesign a site while watching stuff. Yesterday while working my way through series 2 of Chicago P.D. I designed and updated Project Clique, my website clique promotion site which includes a directory for cliques.

4. Scanning and editing scans.

I love to scan things to use for graphics and I like to share them with others. I’m currently working my way through a large amount of craft materials from my mum. There’s also random papers, calendars and cards. You can find some already uploaded at my scan and screenshot gallery.

5. Various other online activities

I’m always online, browsing, looking at things, posting on social media and so forth. I spend a lot of time on deviant art browsing art and collecting resources, for example. Basically I am always doing something 😛


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