5 Fandom Friday - Fandom habits

A day late due to the shocking events of yesterday, so today you’re going to get a bumper post of 5 fandom friday and sharing saturday (coming later!)

So this weeks prompt is fandom habits, and it was a tricky one because I wasn’t sure what to include – and then my brain went into overdrive and I had to cut it down to 5. Hope you enjoy 🙂


Getting emotionally invested

I’ve always been an emotional person, so it is no surprise that fandoms get the same treatment. I’ve been known to cry while watching/reading stuff, seeking cuddles after something happens and screaming at the TV. I’ve also avoided some books, mainly in the Star Wars EU because a character dies in it and I couldn’t bring myself to go there. It took me a long time to finish the New Jedi Order series thanks to that!


Further Reading

If I fall in love with a fandom I will devour any source of information I can get my hands on; books, comics, and so forth. I’ve been known to read through wiki’s and fansites for fandoms I’m interested in, but not a massive fan of, such as comic universes. There’s so much to cover that even when I get a chance to start reading, I’ll still never cover it all quick enough for my brain. The most notable fandoms are my two biggest; Star Wars and Warcraft/World of Warcraft, and it shows from my collections! I also started reading the Doctor Who new adventures novels a few years back and fell in love with those.



Like emotional investments, I’ve always been a collector and so it also now applies to fandoms. Plushies, figurines, keyrings, trading cards, books/comics, video games, things in video games 😛 You get the idea 😀


Binge Watching

So this one isn’t unusual, however, I tend to binge watch shows that were around years ago and then swallow up every season. I especially do this with crime shows because I keep running out of current ones to watch. It’s also not uncommon for me to start a new show (at the time), such as Vampire Diaries or Once Upon a Time, and then pick them up years later. Yep, way behind with both of those but I know I’ll catch up eventually.


Bad Judgement

I have a terrible habit of loving the bad/treacherous characters and then oh crap, they’re evil!! Agents of SHIELD is the worst culprit for this (Whedon, I both love and hate you) and every time I watch that show now I’m like ‘please don’t be evil!’.