5 Fandom Friday - In my bag

Lipbalm & Lipgloss


I hate dry lips and so I always keep some lipbalm and lipgloss in my bag. I love nivea’s lip care range and use several different ones regularly. The current lipglosses I’m using are from Collection 2000.




IMG_1626I love having a notebook with me so I can write down anything I need to know, or remember. To do lists keep me sane and stop me from over stressing, and I keep a diary for noting down date specific. Notebooks are also great to have handy if you’re a writer or student; ideas for writing or assignments can come at any time and I often write things down at random times.





I should probably write an entry about coping/making life easier with chronic illnesses and pain. Keeping a book or my kindle in my bag at all times is just one way that I keep my mind off the pain. If I’m struggling on a journey or have to wait for a while I can get lost in a book and relax.




IMG_1627I drink a LOT of water, and I always have water with me. It helps keep me hydrated (duh…), means I can take my medication when I need and helps if I get overexerted. I always have a drink nearby wherever I am.



IMG_1625Like my book/kindle, my phone is an excellent way for me to keep my mind off a crappy day. As I suffer from IBS I often use my phone to help keep me calm, and keep me busy so I don’t skin pick. I play games, or just check out twitter or facebook. I usually have headphones handy as well so if I’m in a situation that’s really noisy, such as a train ride or at uni when I’m trying to work, I can block it out. Also, I keep a phone on me for safety reasons. As a disabled girl with mobility issues it is too much of a risk not to have some way to get help if I fall and hurt myself.